When it comes to running a successful business, we do understand that there are some things that come to your mind first, such as business plans, finances, ideas, etc. These are all important issues crucial to developing a business to be proud of. It can take time and it can take money to accomplish your goals and stay on top of everything, that is for sure. But still, even with all of that, is there anything else we should think about? Anything else that can potentially have a positive effect on your business? Well, we think there is, and that is having a clean and well-maintained office space. Sure, you may say that it is one of the easier parts of the business, but is it? Today we’ll try to see just how important office cleanliness is and just how much thought should go into cleaning your office. So, unclean office space – how it can affect your business and why?

Let’s imagine this situation for a second. Most of us know and have that uncomfortable feeling when walking into an unknown building or space, especially if the lighting is dim. But, when you come to think about it, even a brightly lit building can give off a terrible first impression if there is trash overflowing outside, if the carpets and furniture are unkempt and if there is dust covering everything around you. How does it make us feel, whether we are one-time visitors, (potential) clients or employees? Well, most of all would probably feel like this type of appearance creates a sense of neglect, which, surely, in turn, would make us question the level of service and professionalism expected of the company in question. To sum it up in one sentence, an unclean (or, dare we say, dirty) office speaks volumes of the person or people responsible there. Now, you may think this all sounds a bit too exaggerated, but just put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Would you feel the same way?

Everybody knows just how crucial first impression is, not just in business. First impressions can greatly affect how your potential customers and clients feel about your business. And one of the main things when it comes to first impression, as we’ve seen, is that first time when somebody enters into your working space. The appearance of the office, the way they are greeted can be an important factor when creating an opinion about you and your employees.

So, since it is that important, what can you do to make that first impression really count? The solution is actually simpler that you could’ve thought; it’s all about achieving and maintaining a clean and well-kept office. And the best way to get there? Hire a professional and experienced cleaning company and work closely with them in order to have an office you will be proud of. Without the support of cleaning service providers, professionalism will suffer. We’ve seen just how much the appearance of your office can provoke an uncomfortable feeling. If somebody walks into an office and sees clutter, dirt and general lack of care, what kind of opinion can they form? They will most probably interpret it negatively and feel like they will be treated the same way you treat your office space. And who would want that? Find the right cleaning company for you, come up with a cleaning schedule that will not affect your everyday activities at the office and you won’t have to fear negative first (and second, third, etc.) impressions ever again. Simple as that.

Now that we’ve seen just how much an unclean office can affect first impressions, our next question is whether there is something else to worry about when it comes to dirty working areas. Another, extremely important issue to discuss today is health. Professional cleaning companies understand that a clean and well-maintained office is also healthier. If you fail to properly maintain your work environment, it can become a serious safety concern, including not just illness but also potential injuries. Respiratory issues are one of the most common ones because dust and dirt can include allergens and irritants. Also, unsanitary areas can attract insects and pests which can carry various diseases and bacteria. Bear in mind that reducing any possible health issues is not important just for safety, but for productivity as well. A healthy and clean office means less sickness around the office and in return, increased productivity. All you need to prevent any of that is an experienced cleaning company that will know how to keep an office perfectly clean and healthy for everybody there.

And, finally, we cannot talk about health and exclude general wellbeing of people spending an average of 40 hours per week in a work environment. An unclean office can also have a negative impact on an employee’s mental health or wellbeing. For example, clutter can create a feeling of overwhelm and slow down productivity. In general, people will feel much more positive and much more eager to work and be creative if the space they are in is clean, bright and well-kept. Overall cleanliness and look of your office will be an important factor in providing the best surrounding for your employees and their productivity, so why not implement that?

As we’ve seen in today’s post, regularly scheduled professional office cleaning will help improve the overall appearance, health, and wellbeing of not only the space you’re working in but also of your employees who will surely enjoy a clean, safe and healthy workspace. It may seem like a small step compared to some other business-related issues, but trust us, invest in professional office cleaning and you will start seeing benefits straight away. You will love it, your employees will love it, your potential and current clients and customers will love it; it a win-win situation for everybody involved. So, don’t hesitate, an unclean office is a thing of the past!

Unclean office space - how it can affect your business and why?
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Unclean office space - how it can affect your business and why?
Let's see just how important office cleanliness is and just how much thought should go into cleaning your office.
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