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You know the Commercial Cleaning Story?

The one that goes…….a traffic pattern of soil shows up on the hallway carpet, who to call? The regular trash collector person is promoted suddenly to “carpet cleaner with a machine” and told to “clean the carpet”. What isn’t understood about dumping this problem onto a person who has not been trained in the variables of carpet fiber, warranty, soil and safe chemistry, is that cleaning commercial carpet is both a science and an art. Training, experience and management is required to remove soil and bring back the radiant appearance of carpet.

Our background is in commercial carpet cleaning. We are a staff who makes certain things “click” on job site and connects the removal of soil, stains and carpet appearance on every job we schedule. Easy, because that’s who we are. What isn’t simple is how to get that authentic combination of technical knowledge and customer service.

We haven’t cut corners. Instead we decided to create a revolutionary service…by not doing anything other than skillfully training and arming everyone at Geyen Group South with the ability to make straightforward decisions in real time, on the job, what’s right for the carpet and what’s right for the customer.

That was more than a decade ago and Geyen Group South is still the real deal. We train and teach and experiment with the latest products and equipment on the market, to be sure the service we deliver is topnotch. We obsess over service and take every customer expectation seriously.

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