Commercial Carpet Cleaning

“Maintenance” Carpet Cleaning is ongoing attention designed to prolong the longevity and appearance of your carpet.

“Restorative” Carpet Cleaning is deep cleaning and pile lifting to restore older or heavily traveled carpet.

Our most frequently used cleaning methods are Dry, Low Moisture and Restorative.

Once we survey the carpet, we make an educated decision on the method that will provide the best results and keep in force the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Always Considering Cost

Carpets in your facilities should not have hidden costs. Cleaning and maintaining the carpet fiber is much like lining up a few mason jars and dropping in a few dollars regularly to pay for facility carpet cleaning.  All is takes a little pre-planning.

Label the jars simple: light, medium and heavy cleaning. All cleaning can be outlined in a programmed maintenance calendar, tailored specifically for your facility.

Much too often, carpet budgets are determined only on a first-cost basis. This is understandable if your budget is not really flexible, but you should know that if you only account for first costs, in the long term you will almost certainly end up spending more than you calculated for your carpeting.

Outline The Variables

There are many variables when it comes to making an optimal plan for carpet maintenance. The first thing is the selection of the carpet itself. Of course, there are numerous manufacturers with products of varying quality, made from different materials. And there is an even larger variation in the types of facilities and spaces which need carpeting. This means there is no quick, one-shot solution  for your specific building or facility to choose the best option for its specific needs.

Locations that see a lot of foot traffic should have floor covering of higher quality, and more frequent cleaning is a must. Locations that need to present your organization in the best possible light should go for aesthetics – stand out patterns or eye-catching designs, according to your taste and representing what the organization stands for. It goes without saying that these locations, wherever they are, should be kept spotless and well-groomed, because they are reflective of your organization’s spirit and approach to doing things.

The bottom line is that you need to choose the appropriate product for the appropriate location and try to keep it there as long as possible, in as good a condition as possible. This means you will get the maximum out of its life-cycle while minimizing the possibility of having to replace it early and thus make unexpected dents in your budget. The wrong carpet for a specific locations means that it will syphon money from the budget, waste your precious time and tarnish the image of your organization or facility.

The Real Cost of Owning Carpet

In order to ascertain the life cycle of your carpet, you should make a simple calculation: add up the initial cost with the cost of maintenance (you can get a quote from us anytime, just call or email us and we will schedule an appraisal) and the cost of carpet removal. Then, divide that number with total years of use, and you will get your life-cycle cost. Don’t forget to add in the cost of business disruption and moving people.

This calculation captures all the costs related to carpet, so that none remain hidden: the initial carpet purchase, the removal of the old flooring material, the preparation and installation of the new carpet, the cost of business disruption, disposing of old floor covering, maintenance requirements of the new carpet and associated costs, plus the costs of cleaning. All these must be accounted for in order for you to get the most precise possible estimate of the costs involved with your carpet.

Years of use is actually a number that you yourself determine, but do make an informed estimate because it will affect your entire calculation. This number means literally how long you wish for the carpet to last.  This largely depends upon the type of facility and the exact location of the carpet within the facility. Sometimes you will wish it to wear well and get the most out of it, but other times you will want to change it for a new carpet as soon as it shows the first slight signs of wear and tear (this is especially true in the hospitality industry).

Foot Step Frequency

In order to determine how long the carpet will last, you also have to know what type and frequency of traffic will it be subjected to, so you can ascertain your carpet buying and maintenance needs. Sometimes it is actually a wiser choice to buy a lower-quality product and invest a little more in its upkeep. All this may look really obvious when it’s spelled out like this, but you wouldn’t believe how often we’ve seen these basic principles ignored or overlooked at otherwise exemplary companies and upscale facilities.

Traffic areas in every facility can be divided into three categories: light, such as storage space or executive offices; medium, such as office spaces and higher-end commercial spaces; and heavy, such as corridors, classrooms, cafeterias and high-turnover commercial spaces.

Understanding Your Facility

Finding the right solution for your particular facility boils down to knowing your facility well. You know what is its primary purpose. What type of foot traffic. How often people come and how long they stay. Basically, the facility in question is your business facility, you should treat your carpet just like you treat your business. After all, it is a part of your business expenses as well as a part of your business’ image.

Advantages of Carpet

Carpets offer a number of advantages, especially when they are placed within professional buildings. To begin with, carpets are used for decorating, enhancing the beauty of every space and keeping dirt and soil at bay. Additionally, carpets are also used for making the floors slip proof. Whether you choose to place your carpets in offices, halls or stairs, carpets have the ability to revamp the entire look of your professional space. Hence, while carpets are excellent for embellishing the company brand, they also require regular cleaning, vacuuming and maintenance to ensure that they last really long.

Carpet is a terrific air filter and offers a healthier quality of air in commercial buildings. Think of air movement through the dense fibers, where fibers attract germs and dust particles. The best reason to clean carpet is because of the germs and bacteria that is captured in the surface of the carpet.

Why We Clean

Carpet cleaning remains very helpful in removing dust, soils, and stains that are trapped and hidden it the fibers. While, vacuuming is undoubtedly necessary in prolonging the appearance and life of a carpet, extensive cleaning is also needed for maintaining the carpets appropriately. In fact, nothing compares to the feeling of decorating with fresh, beautiful and clean carpets. Professional and extensive carpet cleaning aids in eliminating debris, dirt, stains and dust. Remember, presence of dirt, grime and stains can leave your carpets looking dull, lifeless and filthy. Besides, your carpets may also develop problem areas of dull, rough patches, eventually looking flat and shabby. With a professional, experienced and efficient carpet cleaner to aid and assist you, carpet cleaning will become a simple and easy task. In an era when the price of every product and service is constantly rising, saving money is always one of the biggest priorities of every property manager and facility manager. By hiring a professional and reputed carpet cleaner, managers and building owners can prolong the life of their carpets and also save a huge amount of money in terms of purchasing and installing new carpets on a regular basis.

When We Clean

Ideally, managers should opt for carpet cleaning services every six months, sometimes more often, depending on foot traffic. Thus, making sure the fibers are clean and free from soil, keeping up with the carpet warranty and extending the life span of the carpet.

Another important thing that managers must take into consideration is the color of their carpets. Typically, light or off-white color carpets tend to get dirty easily and often lose their color and shine. As the manager of the facility, you wouldn’t want your guests and staff to walk past or over filthy and shabby carpets. In fact, you would want them to develop a good impression about you and your company, and for this reason you must ensure that your carpet appears neat, clean and tidy, every day.

How We Clean

This is exactly where a professional carpet cleaning company comes into the picture. Reputed and experienced cleaners go a step further to use every precaution, measure and method to clean and maintain carpets. They focus on cleaning carpets thoroughly, thereby getting rid of dirt, dust, grime and filth and retaining the beauty, appearance and freshness of the carpets. Right from vacuuming the carpets to using appropriate tools, solutions, machines and products for cleaning, carpet cleaning experts ensure that no damage is caused to the carpets during the cleaning process. So, if you want fresh, neat and dirt free carpets then feel free to get in touch with us, for expert carpet cleaning and maintenance services.

Geyen Group South does things a little differently by simplifying the cleaning process, making it easy for managers to schedule and follow up on what is being done in their facility.

We are a locally owned business that guarantees that we care about our staff and our community. We are focused on you, and others who work in commercial facilities, and strive to make their office day better by making sure your carpet is clean and fresh.

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