My backstory is that I own a commercial cleaning business in Tampa, Florida. What that means is that my employees clean carpets, upholstery, and fabric panels in buildings like banks, corporate headquarters, libraries, police offices, county offices, attorney firms, and call centers. We love dirty carpet and now during the flee from professional office to home office movement there is less dirty carpet and more time on our hands to think about where this cleaning business is going in the future.

The virus is the catalyst that caused a ton of change, that’s for sure. We’ve asked ourselves what that means for our customers and for us. All of our employees are trained in the chemistry of cleaning products and are certified in carpet fiber and fiber reactions to cleaning products and systems.

What good is that in today’s non-cleaning non-staffed office where hardly anyone is walking on the carpet?

We looked to the accounts that have staff remaining or arriving back soon. We actually miss interacting with the offices staffs in the buildings we service and want more than anything to see a return to that normalcy of our working social lives. We saw that these businesses have in-house call centers and many round-the-clock hours that are staffed, perhaps minimally, but still somebody or some bodiesare there and a new service of disinfecting the touch-points is strongly recommended.

Touch-points such as doorknobs, counters, kitchen area, bathrooms, file cabinets, these surfaces might be horizontal or vertical but touch-points all the same.

I want to clarify touch-points a little further. Touch-points are surfaces that require surface protection with the application of a disinfectant that has passed EPA certification and intense due diligence by environmental services and legal staff, with every measure taken to provide protection and to mitigate the transfer of infections, diseases, and harmful germs.

We shifted direction and added employee hours to our training calendar so that  we could provide this vital and, in many ways new and revolutionary, protection service. We were surprised that we were called the very next week to do our first application. Talk about perfect timing!

While this works for us, we find that office managers, property managers, and facility managers do not have the time or resources to use internal staff to apply disinfectants correctly, nor do they want to for that matter, which is okay with us since we can step in and do this.

I could list an array of scientific facts and charts and go into details about each particular infectious disease mitigation protocol and new and promising nanomolecular, long-lasting antimicrobial surface protectants, but I won’t… except for this one gem that I want to leave you with.

Once the right disinfecting product is applied, please remember that the service then does not need to be scheduled weekly but can be moved to one treatment every 70-90 days, on average; a big win for cost and minimized office disruption.

Any time you have questions, simply call, text or email and we will respond within a few hours. Promise. We want this to work for you and offer peace of mind and 8 hours of sleep at night.