Are you searching for a commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and fabric panel cubicle cleaning company and want a professional cleaning service that takes a serious and unique approach to office appearance?

Geyen Group South is the service company you seek.

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Geyen Group South is the only professional commercial cleaning company that requires IICRC Certification for all technicians. Trained and experienced in industry warranties and standards is what makes our technicians stand out from the amateur carpet cleaner

Working with office, facility and property managers, Geyen Group South creates specialized cleaning programs that are scheduled with the office staff in mind, at just the perfect time for every client. Flexibility is a high consideration when scheduling the personalized service for every customer.

Always following up with a call to check and be sure everyone is happy and pleased with the cleaning service.

Not an international company

but local to Florida

Geyen Group South works with customers on the western coast of Florida, specifically Tampa to Naples. Be it a corporate headquarters, government facility, event center, bank, credit union, or local business office, any commercial space where there are fabric panel cubicles, furniture and carpet, that’s the focus and expertise of the specialized service delivered.

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Extending the life of your company’s fabric furnishings and carpet can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Equally important is maintaining a high caliber brand image. Call today for a free Appearance Management® Assessment and Estimate!

The Geyen Group South, Experts in Appearance Management ® provide the following cleaning services: commercial carpet cleaningupholstery cleaningcubicle cleaningfabric panel cleaning, leather cleaning. Our systems include low moisture cleaning, steam cleaning, and non-toxic, ecologically-safe products to businesses on the West Coast of Florida, from Tampa to Naples. If you do not see your location listed, please call to see if we can come your way!