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The world of commercial cleaning services is notorious for poor labor practices and exploitation.

Lots of stories about minimum and fair wage practices.

It’s newsworthy awful news.

But the good news is that with careful hiring practices, attention to wages and benefits and hiring the right people, we have actually built a strong team of committed people to deliver the services we offer: commercial carpet cleaning, commercial furniture cleaning and commercial fabric panel cubicle cleaning.

We lead with Commercial Carpet Cleaning. The major service for us and one that almost all of our customers hire us for in the beginning. We clean carpet when it’s convenient for everyone to be out of the office, usually evenings and weekends. We are talking about all kinds of carpet: loop, woven, cut pile and the rest. Over ninety percent of the carpet made today is made up of synthetic fiber.
Fibers such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester are often used, as these fibers are less expensive than wool.

We added Commercial Furniture Cleaning when we found out that it matters how someone feels about sitting on a chair that they share. Shared space is one thing, shared chairs are another. Office chairs made of textiles, wood, leather and metal, every surface is cleaned and sanitized, keeping up with the appearance every step of the way.

So what is it about Commercial Fabric Panel Cleaning that keeps everyone on their toes?

Simply: air quality and dirt control. When the dirt and dust is removed from fabric panels, the air quality rises. Add the removal of stains and spots and it’s a complete appearance affect in the office.

But wait, possibly the most important step in the cleaning process: BEFORE the cleaning is scheduled, a visual of the office space and conversation with the person in charge is required.

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