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Why Clean Office Chairs Matter

Office jobs are frequently seen as chief contributors to our relaxed lifestyle and sometimes even as the main reason why we spend so much time sitting. Most office chairs nowadays are ergonomically designed and comfortable, be they upholstered, meshed or more executive-styled (i.e. leather), but no amount of ergonomic design can help if you sit in your office chair for hours on end without stretching, taking breaks to walk around and countering the time spent sitting with exercise.

But chairs in offices can indeed be a source of health risk, in a manner of speaking. The problem is that they are one of the most often overlooked aspects of office equipment when it comes to cleaning, especially regular cleaning.

If You Share Your Office Chair

This can be a problem when it comes to keeping the chair clean and sanitary. In offices such as call centers, or in conference rooms and similar shared spaces, chairs not only get dirty faster, they can be a vehicle for germs and transfer of dirt, hair and skin particles.

The office environment is an important factor of an employee’s satisfaction and overall state of mind. Cluttered, dirty or unkempt offices go hand in hand and indeed encourage sloppiness and inefficiency. Lack of order and hygiene leads to a decrease of productivity.

Appearance And Cost Savings Are Important Factors

Additionally, if your office space sees a lot of clients or partners coming, you should take special care to make the space welcoming, which basically means clean and orderly. The appearance of your office space is a way to send a message about your entire business and your approach to it – and if the message is “hygiene and order are priorities” or “we don’t really pay much attention to details”… Well, take a second to think about whether you would do business with such a company.

Of course, as any manager knows, the most important reason for investing into regular, professional, high-quality cleaning is not really a polished-looking office. Rather, it is the fact that it helps prolong the life of your furniture pieces and thus is paramount to keeping overhead down and ultimately saving money – that you can then invest elsewhere.

So, from an executive’s point of view, especially if you are in charge of facility appearance management, chairs and other office furniture with upholstery or leather should be one of the top priorities for cleaning, right there with carpets. Moreover, the maintenance should be performed on a regular basis and for best results, our advice is to pair office chair cleaning with regular carpet cleaning whenever possible.

In order to point you in the right direction, here’s a quick rundown of how to approach and how often to perform the maintenance of the most popular types of office chairs.

Upholstered Chairs

Upholstery is great at attracting dirt and dust, but fortunately, it is also easy to maintain. For optimal dirt and dust removal, upholstered seating should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, and in case of high-frequency spaces and shared chairs, once every three to four months. Simple vacuuming should do most of the job and if there is soiling and stains, some heavy hitters should be called in. The exact method of cleaning depends on the type of soiling, but rest assured that professional cleaning companies will have everything needed to make your stained chair as good as new.

Mesh Chairs

Mesh-backed (and mesh-seated) chairs have been steadily increasing in popularity in offices during the recent years. No wonder, since comfort is the main selling-point: the mesh is stretchy and it adjusts to your shape and movement. Additionally, they are durable and provide better ventilation, which ultimately makes their cleaning easier. In most cases you can even do it yourself, but in order to really get all the dirt out, calling the professionals once a year is a good maintenance idea.

Leather Chairs

Ah, leather, so easy on the eye, so nice to touch and feel, and seemingly so easy to keep shiny and clean. You mostly do not need to worry about everyday dirt and particles, since they are easy to simply brush off. But if an accident happens to your leather chair and something is spilled, great care should be taken before cleaning and the manufacturer’s instructions should always be checked out before attempting to deep clean it. Only stained or extremely dirty leather chairs should require professional treatment, and there is no recommended frequency here – if an accident happens, call us.

Whatever the frequency of maintenance, be it regular or ad hoc, when the time comes for office chairs to be cleaned, the moment is also perfect to check for any issues with their mechanism. Spillage may leak into joints or swivels or wheels, dirt and hair may clog them and so on. But this is actually good news, since it usually means that a chair that was considered broken or dilapidated can be restored to full use simply by undergoing professional-level cleaning. Of course, some parts, like wheels, may need to be changed, but that is a small expense when compared to purchasing a new chair or chairs.

It’s Importance To Clean Office Furniture

Office and commercial furniture sees much more daily use compared to residential furniture. Millions of Americans spend 40 hours or more in an office each week working in close proximity with each other. This makes office space a paradise for all kinds of germs and bacteria (average used chair, mouse and keyboard contain more than 20,000 germs per square inch).

Because of the high usage, office furniture very rapidly becomes worn out and dirty. Upholstery such as boardroom chairs, office chairs, waiting room sofas and loveseats easily absorbs dust, food and beverage particles and harmful germs which cannot be removed with light cleaning. Office furniture cleaning is very often overlooked. Office kitchens and bathrooms are professionally cleaned on a regular basis. But when it comes to office furniture maintenance, upholstery cleaning is usually neglected until it’s too late.

Regular professional upholstery cleaning should be a priority in any building. It can provide significant benefits to everyone that works in that office space, and here are some of them:

  1. Healthier work environment – Many people are not aware of the danger of unclean work environment. The most harmful bacteria commonly found in workplaces causes a range of infections, including skin infections and pneumonia. Allergens such as dust, mites and other microscopic particles found in dirty upholstery furniture can even cause respiratory problems to more sensitive employees and visitors. Also, furniture that is not maintained regularly contributes to poor air quality which can cause headaches, sinus problems, etc. By reducing the presence of allergens and bacteria, regular upholstery cleaning is significantly contributing to a healthier work environment where employees are happier and more productive.
  2. First impression – First impressions are so important in the business world. The first thing your clients see when they visit your company is the upholstery; when they wait for you in the reception or waiting area. So letting them sit on stained sofas and soiled chairs probably is not the best way to ensure a positive first impression. Instead, keeping your upholstery’s appearance professional is a much better way to go. Hiring a professional cleaning company will take the pressure off your back – your office furniture will always be fresh and spotless and visitors satisfied.
  3. Protect office upholstery – Adequate and regular maintenance can extend the life of the company’s upholstery and protect it against stains from becoming permanent. Choosing the right cleaning company is very important, because professional upholstery cleaning companies have experienced professionals who know how to properly clean each type of upholstery fabric. Wrong cleaning product applied to a specific type of fabric can cause further damage that cannot be reversed.
  4. Restore office upholstery – Aside from removing stains, professional upholstery cleaning can help refresh and revitalize any office furniture. Why waste money on new furniture when you can restore old one and add years to its life with regular professional upholstery cleaning.

We have the expertise and experience necessary to ensure your workplace is clean as possible. We can take care of all your upholstery – office chairs, armchairs, ottomans, sofas, fabric screens, etc.  Our powerful steam extraction cleaning system can eliminate stains, germs and bacteria and restore your furniture’s original shine.

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