For the Office Manager –
Facility Manager


You make great office management decisions, why add cleaning carpet, furniture and panels to your duties?

Let us do the heavy lifting of commercial cleaning. It’s what we do.

We guarantee that our office staff and technical staff will follow these guidelines.

Minimum interruption is all about personal space, and respecting the space of the office person. As the Manager, you can reassure office staff that their personal items will be untouched by the carpet cleaning technicians.

Because this is commercial carpet cleaning, there is no need to move desks and file cabinets, the carpet cleaned is the soiled open spaces around the heavy office furniture.

With upholstery cleaning, all we ask is that the upholstery is easily accessible, sometimes that means moving desk chairs into the hallway or even placing post-it notes to single out the chairs that are to be cleaned.

When fabric cubicle panel cleaning is added, all stick pins, posters, photos and funny quotes are asked to be removed before we get there. Any areas that are off-limits are labeled accordingly. Simple and efficient.

Appearance comes to mind as a “walk by” decision. You know when appearance is off, spots and stains show and wear patterns in hallways stand out. Upholstery and fabric panels need a freshening up to bring back the fabric brilliance.

Warranties are a part of a carpet purchase with all carpet manufacturers. Carpet manufacturers are very specific in how carpet must be maintained on a consistent schedule to keep the warranty valid. Fibers are treated with a specific solution and method, all of this is outlined in manufacturers warranty booklet.

Certificates of insurance are readily available to our customer, sometimes we even have to add a name or two before the job is scheduled, that’s ok. Our insurance person is on top of it. You will get your COI copy.

Notice we didn’t talk about the cleaning methods and systems of hot water extraction, shampoo, low moisture, dry cleaning, restorative, truck mount, portable, light, heavy, medium, addressing spots and stains, wear patterns, chemicals and solutions.

Let us take care of the commercial cleaning. We don’t use shortcuts or one size-fits-all to deliver our genuine service. We provide you with a cleaning that is personally aligned with the needs and requirements of your office, your people and your timeline.

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