We will start today’s blog post with a bold, yet true statement  – carpet cleaning is a delicate and complex process, especially when it comes to office carpets. Yes, it is possible to clean your home or office carpets yourself, but is it the right way to go? We’re not suggesting it is impossible to clean them yourself, we’re just saying that if you want a perfect end result, professionals are usually the way to go. Still, whether you choose to do it yourself or call a professional cleaning service, there are some issues regarding carpet cleaning you must take into consideration. So, today we are going to dig deeper into some of the more common carpet cleaning issues and see how to avoid them. Is it possible? You bet it is!

We cannot stress enough the importance of having your office carpets professionally cleaned, for many obvious reasons. First and foremost, the amount of foot traffic in comparison to your home carpets. Just imagine how many people (employees/clients/customers) walk into your office every day. Then, try to calculate how many steps they take while walking on your beautiful office carpets. Difficult to count them, right? You must agree this has to take a toll on your office carpets, no matter the fabric they are made of, the age, the price, etc.; some damage is bound to happen with foot traffic being this high. And just imagine what can happen to your carpets on those long rainy, muddy days. Yes, your office carpets need some TLC and it is up to you to make it happen.

Another, equally important reason to have your office carpets professionally cleaned is health, plain and simple. The health of your employees and anybody else visiting your office. We’re not talking about carpet cleaning for mere aesthetics, no. Your carpets affect health conditions in your office which is why it is so important to keep them nice and clean. Just try to think about how many dust particles, food and drink spills, or any other type of dirt can be found in an average office carpet. And then think about possible air pollution which may take place in your office. Scary, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be, and with the proper carpet cleaning, you will never have to worry about that ever again.

Yes, as we’ve said, we couldn’t stress enough the importance of professional carpet cleaning, but are they all the same? Should you choose the first cleaning company whose ad you find on Google? The only thing we will say is to choose wisely. In today’s age, you can go online and find tens or hundreds of professional cleaning companies. With the choice being this big, be smart and take your time. Talk to others, listen to other people’s experiences and then choose. Your ultimate goal is to find a professional cleaning company with experienced technicians who will know how to properly assess the situation and choose the right cleaning technique and equipment. And also, the ones who will suggest the right cleaning plan and schedule, one that will not interfere with your daily office activities. Choose wisely and you will have a long-term partner who will make your office life so much easier, so much nicer and stress-free.

But still, with all that, what are some of the issues you may encounter? They can potentially occur if you try to clean the carpets yourself or if the cleaning company isn’t versed in professional carpet cleaning.

One of the most common carpet cleaning issues is over-wetting. What does it mean? It means that the person cleaning it has applied much more water than needed and that the machine can recover. Upon drying and removing the dirty water, the residues will remain on the carpet attracting more grit and soil which will completely deny any cleaning benefits you may have. Also, if the soil gets dissolved in the water, after drying, it remains on your office carpet. When this dirt stays visible on the carpet, it will most definitely compromise the overall look and the end result will be far from what you’ve hoped for.

Another common issue when it comes to carpet cleaning is rippling. Rippling can happen due to stretching the carpet poorly when it is being installed. Or, there is also the possibility of rippling happening while cleaning. It takes an experienced carpet cleaner to make sure this doesn’t occur.

Carpet browning is yet another issue you need to be aware of. It is not to be confused with yellowing or wicking. It is actually the presence of cellulose fibers that causes and increases the likelihood of your office carpet browning.

And finally, furniture stains. If you want to keep your carpets in the best condition possible and prolong their lifespan, you need to make sure they are protected. In order to avoid any furniture stains, proper protection such as clear plastic tabs should be placed on the floor where the furniture makes contact. By doing so, you will protect your carpet when freshly cleaned.

So, which conclusions can we draw from today’s story? Number one, office carpets are essential to your office and need to be properly taken care of. Number two, there is a major difference between cleaning the carpets yourself or leaving the job to professionals. And finally, number three, you need to make a smart choice when choosing a cleaning company that will take care of your office carpets. If you follow these three main rules, you won’t ever have to worry about your office carpets again. With the right help, your office carpets will last longer, look nicer and won’t be a source of any health risk. Three rules for three perfect end results. Simple as that! So, no worries, with these rules you will enjoy your office even more and you won’t have to worry about replacing your office carpets as often as before. They will be the perfect addition to the overall look of your office and won’t cause you any worries. Three rules, three perfect end results – go for it!

Common carpet cleaning issues – how to avoid them?
Article Name
Common carpet cleaning issues – how to avoid them?
Let's dig deeper into some of the more common carpet cleaning issues and see how to avoid them. Is it possible? You bet it is!
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