Time sure does fly, don’t you agree? It seems as if we were just here talking and discussing winter and spring cleaning, and now, summer is just around the corner. May is quickly going by and June is already fast approaching. So, since summer is already knocking at our doors, we cannot help but wonder; summertime in the office – is it cleaning time?

As you might remember, in some of our older posts we touched upon the topic of seasonal office cleaning and whether it is a necessity or not. We’ve seen that each and every season requires different cleaning aspects, depending on the weather and the location of your business. Winter isn’t exactly the same in Florida or in New York, right? But today, winter is not on our menu, today we’re talking about summer and summer cleaning essentials. And in most cases, summer is defined by longer and sunnier days with higher temperatures and more enjoyable weather. Sure doesn’t seem like the perfect timing for a detailed office cleaning. But still, should we incorporate summer cleaning in our schedules and what should it include?

We’ve already said that every season needs its fair share of cleaning, and the same goes for summer. Why is it so? Well, keep in mind that offices and commercial spaces are a hotbed for all kinds of germs all year long; they don’t just disappear in summer and reappear in winter. Bear in mind there are around ten million bacteria living in a typical office desk, and that’s just your desk. Let’s not even mention office carpets, chairs or cubicles. But, don’t despair, all is not lost, and as we keep repeating, there is a solution for almost every cleaning problem.

Also, there is one great advantage when talking about office summer cleaning – most employees go on vacations during summer, making it easier to clean the office from top to bottom. So, no reason to feel defeated, just keep in touch with your professional cleaning company and make sure to include a detailed summer cleaning in your office cleaning routine. Experienced professionals will know exactly what to do and how to keep your office clean during the summer months.

Still, is there something you could do to contribute to the overall look and cleanliness of your office space and what is that? And when is the perfect time to do some final touch ups?

Let’s start by answering the second question first. When is the right time for some touch ups? Preferably, just before going on holidays. It will make you feel better if you leave your working area in the best condition possible, especially when you come back from holidays. It will feel so good to find everything nice and tidy, and it will make the transition from holiday to regular working hours so much easier. So, don’t hesitate to take those extra few minutes and clean a bit on your last day before holidays, it will be beneficial on so many levels.

Now let’s go back to question number one – what can you do to improve the level of cleanliness in your office?

You can start by getting rid of clutter. We all know how various papers, promotional stuff, etc. can easily pile on your desk and create a cluttered mess. Take some time to go through everything and see what you need to keep, what can be recycled and what should be thrown away. Save your desk space only for stuff you actually need and use on a daily basis. Try to limit your collectibles to those that matter most to you, such as awards or prizes from important events. And the most important thing to remember, check for clutter every once in a while and make sure to incorporate it in your summer routine.

A good thing would be to clear your desk at the end of every shift. As we’ve mentioned, keeping your office space clean and organized will do wonders and help you be more productive. So, try to stay as organized as possible. One of the possible ways to do so is to keep all your documents in dedicated drawers or filing cabinets. This will minimize the risk of losing important files and it will protect them from moisture, dust, and dirt.

Another advice would be to keep dust away from your office space. Perhaps you didn’t know, but the keyboard is one of the dirtiest items on an office desk. So, if you can, make it a habit to dust and wipe it down. Disinfectant wipes are an easy and effective solution and are great for eliminating germs and preventing any decease from spreading.

The next one could be a little tough, so we’ll make it the last piece of advice we will give today. Try not to eat at your desk. We know that employees eating at their desks is a commonplace. And we understand why. But, as convenient and time-saving as it may seem, it will increase the risk of insects and rodents. Also, food spills and crumbs can make your desk look dirty. So, if possible, try eating in the break room. Trust us, this will improve the overall cleanliness in the workspace. Still, if you decide to eat at your desk, make sure not to leave any food there overnight. Throw away any perishable items before you go home each day. And this is especially important during summer when summer heat can potentially penetrate office windows even with the air conditioning on.

So, summertime in the office – is it cleaning time? As we’ve just seen, it sure is. There is so much you can do to improve health conditions and to ensure proper hygiene in your office. These may seem like small changes but they will do so much for your office space, not just for your desk but for the entire office. And, paired with professional cleaning, you will enjoy your office not just throughout summer, but throughout fall, winter and spring all together.

Summertime in the office - is it cleaning time?
Article Name
Summertime in the office - is it cleaning time?
Since summer is already knocking at our doors, we cannot help but wonder; summertime in the office - is it cleaning time?
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