In our previous posts, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of first impressions and the look of your office space. We tried to emphasize just how much it can contribute to the opinion your potential clients form when they walk into the building, even before you step out to greet them and introduce them to your business and all that it has to offer. The overall look of a clean and well-maintained working environment can really send a powerful message about your business – it actually states that not only your offices are clutter-free and well organized, but so are you and your employees, and your potential clients can, therefore, expect to get great service or product from you. Same thing goes for employees – coming to the office that is spotless, bright and clean makes them feel more energized and more productive, thus making a full circle between satisfied individuals all around. And who wouldn’t want that?

We’ve thus established just how utterly important it is to have an office maintained by professional cleaning service. And yes, this should include all spaces and furniture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, office chairs and tables, carpets, and other things, that can sometimes be left forgotten – fabric panels.

Cubicle fabric panels are an important part of the office, and maintaining them is a necessity that cannot be overlooked for numerous reasons. First of all, they are continually used and with time they will show signs of aging, like spots and stains that can make them look unkempt, and in accordance with what we’ve previously said, unprofessional. But, can they be maintained by your general cleaning stuff? Unfortunately not, or at least not in the way they should be cleaned. This is a special type of cleaning which requires equipment and expertise found in specialty cleaning services only. Keeping fabric panels clean is actually one of the specialties we offer at Geyen Group South, as we do vacuuming, spot removal and cleaning of your office textiles.

What are some other reasons maintaining your fabric panels is a must? One of the most significant ones is, of course, the air quality. The fabrics attract dust which isn’t always visible to the eye but still affects greatly the quality of air in the offices. Bear in mind keeping the air quality at its highest is of utter importance for having a healthy office environment. Another reason for having your fabric panels cleaned by a reputable professional cleaning service is the complete removal of spots and stains. Given the frequency of people in an average office on a daily basis cubicles will eventually get small spots, be it foot scuffs or food and drink residues. All these stains can at first be quite small and undetectable, but they will increase over time which will result in your office space looking unkempt and neglected. These stains can be fully removed only by using the right equipment in the right way, which is why it is so important to choose a reputable company to be in charge of keeping your working environment spotless. Of course, the best plan would be to have one company to perform all the cleaning tasks, like maintaining carpets, upholstery and fabric panels. And, with such a company, you would be able to plan a cleaning schedule that would not interfere or disturb your regular working duties and everyday functioning of the office and employees.

Still, you have to keep in mind that even with proper and regular cleaning and maintenance, the fabric panels in your office just won’t be able to look as good as new after a certain period of time. And that is one of the questions we are commonly asked – why don’t they look like new after cleaning? The answer to this one is not as simple, because there are many factors to take into account, and we will go through most of them now.

As we’ve said before, fabric panels are one of the most visible and used elements in the office, and, in addition, they cover quite a large portion of the working environment. That is why, with time, they will begin to show some signs of this continuous usage. They will most commonly show wear from soil or from footprints on bottom edges, which is expected, given the foot frequency in an office on a daily basis.

One other thing to consider is the material these cubicle panels are made of. Usually, we encounter panels made of a material other than nylon, which makes them quite difficult to clean well. So, a good advice from us to you, in case you are in the process of getting fabric panels for your new office space or just replacing the old ones you already have, would be to think about purchasing the ones made of nylon. By doing so, not only will they last but they will look as if they were brand new for a longer period of time, which is a great plus for the overall office appearance.

You should also take into consideration that fabric blends do not have stain resistant properties. So, what does that mean and how can that affect the cleaning process? With employees spending an average of forty hours per week in the office, small accidents, such as spilled drinks or food stains, are bound to happen and they are completely expected to. But, the thing is, since there are no resistant properties, the longer the spot is there, the more difficult it is to remove, unfortunately.

As you saw, even with the best of care, some wearing signs will eventually start to show on the fabric panels in your office. The key to keeping appearance at its best is, without any doubt, cleaning on a regular basis.

So, what is the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to cubicle fabric panels in your office? Don’t neglect them! Find a reputable professional cleaning service to perform all the cleaning tasks efficiently and be sure to schedule regular cleaning appointments for all the spaces in your office, including fabric panels. They will appreciate it!

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Fabric Panels Count, Too!
Cubicle fabric panels are an important part of the office, and maintaining them is a necessity that cannot be overlooked for numerous reasons.
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