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The reality is that installing commercial cubicle panels is an effective way for businesses to create individual workspaces for their employees that are also a bit quieter and absolutely more personal.

Having “their own vicinity” at work is essential to employees and can help with productivity, despite the fact that the answer is only a small workstation wall. Blocking out visible and audio distractions is essential for most people.

Because the cubicle fabric walls may be configured or arranged in diverse ways, they offer flexibility. That allows you to quickly and makes layout changes.

Why Do Cubicle Walls Need Cleaning?

Cubicle fabric panels are an integral part of many commercial buildings. When it comes to commercial cleaning, most of the workplace have their schedule for the floors and carpets. However, these upholstered walls are both neglected or at times not noted. This is truly not the right approach technique.

It is very vital to realize that the employees spend most of the day in their cubicle as they work full time there. They drink beverages and have lunch there. So, have you ever puzzled where did all the fingers go? Being the company manager, it is your duty to get the cubicle walls deep cleaned or vacuumed on regular basis. Here are some of the reasons why they need to be part of your cleaning plan:

Keep dust mites at bay

Dust mites are widely known for dwelling in bedding but they can be easily carried from home to office on clothing. This is how they locate their new home in carpet and upholstery. The fabric protected walls act like dirt traps as they capture dust, dirt and different airborne debris and irritants like dander. These factors work as a diet for the dust mites. According to the latest report, it was found that an adult shed about 2 grams of skin per day that is equal to feeding almost one million dust mites. Improper cleaning will result in a build-up of dust and allergens that can cause numerous problems in your employees.

Reducing allergens

Allergic reactions are one of the major causes of absenteeism in offices. Although dirt mites won’t be directly harmful to the employees but those small bugs emit waste that later triggers asthma signs like watery eyes, sneezing, and runny nose etc. along with some other forms of allergies also. The commercial cleaning organizations have the state of the art device with them and are groomed for cleaning the offices in a great way. Their skilled staffs are not only aware of how to lessen allergens and dirt, their cleaning techniques also preserve mites at bay and improve the indoor air quality at a significant stage.

Get rid of Unpleasant Spots

Cubicle walls that have been stained through things like espresso, soda, or meals are not only ugly and send bad impression, they serve as an unhealthy breeding place for bacteria and bad odors. Dirty and greasy palms that come into touch with your walls can also make a contribution to this hassle. Ensure that you deep clean cubicle walls to take away spots, freshen fabric and preserve your facility comfortable for visitors and employees alike.

Tips for keeping your cubicle clean

  • Make a habit of cleaning your cubicle at intervals. This is due to the fact, with all that miscellaneous items and office work; your workstation would look cluttered if you do not pay attention to this issue.
  • Some of the spots may be removed easily if they’re not left there. All you need to do is to clean gently with a gentle nylon brush.
  • Wiping with a moist cloth can also be useful in removing spots before they dry.
  • If you want to shield the cubicle panels for a long term, you can apply an upholstery protector. This way, your cubicle will continue to be spotless and properly cleaned.
  • Always hold a tissue box in reach for cleaning your fingers and any spills immediately.

Importance of office cubicle and why they are installed

Office cubicles may be of great importance to one’s work. They offer a partially enclosed workplace that separates the individual from other office employees. This keeps them away from distractions, or temptations, that may slow down work. It prevents one from being distracted by the activities of the opposite workplace employees. This enables each employee to focus on doing their work. Moreover, it makes them secure, as it provides privacy.

Provide privacy

One of the biggest advantages of using office cubicles is the privacy. Since office cubicles serve as a statement of brand for companies, choosing the right ones need to be done very carefully. They need to be chosen nicely; with the intention to get what will most benefit the workplace. They have to be the right style, which will alongside with the office environment. The layout needs to be carefully selected, and the quality needs to be the best. This is essential due to the fact that it can contribute to the performance of the workers, as well as the interest of the customers. Truly a visual representation of the company.

Beautification of the environment

Aside from helping one to concentrate, and achieve privacy, it could make a contribution to the beautification of the environment, as well. There are lots of styles supplied in the market. It could make the workplace look clean and exceptional. Thus, it creates a pleasant environment that may make one feel good at the same time while working. It makes employees want to go to the office. When it comes to the design or layout, there are different fabrics used and many colors which the company can pick from. But choosing the right office cubicles and creating the right atmosphere at the workplace are crucial in enabling office workers with a purpose to concentrate and work more efficiently.


It’s a very good idea to frequently give your cubicle walls a light vacuuming followed by a gentle scrubbing. Or you may want to invest in a professional cleaning service to make sure your complete office remains clean all year.

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