Even though it’s not officially winter yet, we might just go ahead and say it’s almost here. What’s few more days, right? So, with winter approaching so fast, it’s quite possible we’ve already started thinking about winter time in the office. In our last post, we were talking about our office carpets and how to prepare them and care for them during this season. Today, we’ll change the subject a bit and talk about turning your office into a winter wonderland. Is it even possible to do so? Let’s go ahead and see.

Winter wonderland in the office can combine a number of things; it’s not just about Christmas decorations, it is actually so much more. It’s about creating an atmosphere in which all the employees will enjoy the upcoming holidays. So, what goes into turning your office into a winter wonderland?

First and foremost, getting the office ready, and by getting it ready we mean cleaning. We know, we know, this doesn’t sound like one of the most exciting things you can do, but it is necessary. Everything looks and feels nicer in a clean space, right? So, what would the plan be? The plan is to prepare for the holidays by making sure you’ve scheduled your regular cleaning with your cleaning company. That is probably something you’ve locked down ahead, but just in case you didn’t, now is the time to call your cleaning professionals and have them prepare your office for the holidays. Of course, bear in mind there will be plenty of cleaning after the holidays (and we will discuss that in another post), but the cleaning before is also quite an important one. As always, preparation is key, so why get everything done in time? By having your office professionally cleaned before the holidays, Christmas decorations will purely be cherry on top. So, start with clean carpets, clean chairs and desks, clean cubicles and everything afterward will be a piece of (Christmas) cake! Besides professional cleaning, make sure your regular, day-to-day cleaning is functioning perfectly so there will be no obstacles in getting your office holiday-ready.

Ok, now that we got the cleaning part done, what’s next? So, we have a professionally cleaned office like a perfect blank canvas for our office winter wonderland mission. Let’s start by decorating our canvas! So, first, you can start by choosing your holiday color scheme. Would you go for your typical green and red Christmas colors or would you opt for the more wintery, white and blue scheme? This one is entirely up to you and your employees, either one is a great choice! You could also add a touch of gold or silver details to be even more festive. We recommend choosing a color scheme because it will not only make it easier to decorate but also sticking with one color scheme will ‘unite’, sort of speak, the entire space. After that, your options are limitless.

Having a Christmas tree is always a nice touch. You can use a white tree if you want a blue and white theme or a green one for a red and green theme. You could also spray your tree with artificial snow for a more wintery feel. If you want to add a touch of warmth for a more natural winter landscape add some red berries, for example. Finish it all up with some static or twinkle lights.

Apart from the tree, you can also put some other Christmas decorations around the office to make it more festive. For example, you could hang some glittery snowflakes, (even though this is  Florida), from the ceiling, or twinkling lights along the top of the walls. There are also Christmas door decorations, as an easy and quick solution. These are just pure suggestions from our part; it’s up to you to see what suits your office space best. The amount and the size of decorations will depend on many factors, such as the space you have available, the type of business you’re in, your office holiday plans, etc.

Decorating your office for Christmas should be a team effort, a fun activity for everybody in the office. This is the perfect time to enhance team spirit. Office decorating can also be turned into a fun office game where the employees would be divided into several groups. Each group would be responsible for decorating one part of the office, with various prizes in the end, such as best decorations, most innovative, best team effort, etc. This is just one way of building team spirit, especially during holiday times.

This brings up to another activity which will help create your office winter wonderland – office games. Here we suggested one type of small competition with the goal to bond people and make them feel like a part of the team even more. But there are plenty other holiday games that could take place this time of year. You could also have your employees make propositions and game ideas. Game time could be held once, perhaps paired with the office Christmas party or it could take place in weeks prior to Christmas, once each week, for example. Planning and organizing office games is also entirely up to you and your office schedules during this busiest time of the year. Still, researches are showing that introducing this kind of activities into your day-to-day office life has quite a positive effect on the staff, giving them additional energy and motivation by building team spirit.

So, in the end, winter wonderland in the office – is it possible? We’d say it most certainly is, and with a bit of effort and holiday spirit, your office will become the perfect winter wonderland. Add some Christmas decorations, introduce activities such as office games and trivia, and your office will thrive on holiday spirit. And, before anything else, make sure your office is perfectly clean and ready to host all these joyous activities. Keep in mind these are just some of the possibilities, we’ve only scraped the surface of office wonderland. There is still so much more to come, so get ready to turn your office into a true winter wonderland with us!

Winter wonderland in the office – is it possible?
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Winter wonderland in the office – is it possible?
Winter wonderland in the office can combine a number of things; it’s not just about Christmas decorations, it is actually so much more. It’s about creating an atmosphere in which all the employees will enjoy the upcoming holidays. So, what goes into turning your office into a winter wonderland?
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