Spring is already at our doorsteps, so now is the perfect time to see if there is anything new we can include in our daily routine, especially in our cleaning routine. Today we are going to see if there are some new trends in the cleaning industry – what are they and do we need them? Let’s see if there is anything you could add to your cleaning routine or anything you might want to discuss with your professional cleaning service.

We can all agree on one – trends come and trends go, but one thing remains the same when it comes to professional cleaning – we all want a squeaky clean office space. How we will achieve that is a matter of techniques and equipment, but the end results is the same – an office we will be proud of and an office we will enjoy working at. But, when talking about equipment and techniques, trends do come to our mind. Are there some new ones or are we faithful to the “old” ones? By “old” techniques we don’t actually mean old; we’re talking about those tried and true ones that have stood against the test of time.

For example, when it comes to carpets, there are several widely used ones. There is Maintenance carpet cleaning used to prolong the lifespan of your office carpets, as well as their appearance. There is Restorative carpet cleaning which is a deep cleaning technique including pile lifting to restore older carpets. And then, there are techniques such as Dry or Low Moisture carpet cleaning.

In case of chairs, depending on the material and fabric they are made of, there are cleaning techniques such as simple vacuuming or some more detailed and precise ones. The cleaning company of your choice will choose just the right one for your office chairs.

And finally, if your office has cubicles, there are tried ways to clean them, too. Maybe they’re not the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to office cleaning, but still, cubicles are also in desperate need of a good and detailed cleaning every once in a while.

As we’ve seen, professional office cleaning has some tricks up its sleeve, and they will know which one to use when it comes to your particular office space. Reputable professionals have a lot of experience under their belts and will gladly share their knowledge with you in order to get the perfect results for your office. But, as it is in every profession, some things remain the same and others evolve in time. So, let’s see if there is anything new we should add not just to our cleaning routines and schedules, but in doing business in general. What are some of the trends and should we implement any of them? Can we make our cleaning process even better and more efficient? And can we improve, even more, the communication between yourself and your cleaning company?

So, let’s chat about communication. What is the level of communication between yourself and your professional cleaning service? The first contact is the one you have at the very beginning and it consists of you contacting a professional cleaning service of your choice. The next step is them coming to your office and inspecting the space in order to come up with the perfect cleaning plan and schedule for your particular office space. Once you’ve dealt with all the details of the arrangement, the cleaning can take place.

But, what about the communication later on, is there any? Sure there is, the only question is in which way. It can be done either via phone or via e-mail or through company’s website. While some still prefer using the phone, latest trends are showing that more and more people prefer online communication, even for initial estimates in some cases. Newer studies are showing that over 50% of people would rather write than call customer service. Both ways have their advantages, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to what the client prefers – written or oral communication. And by written communication, we mean e-mail, website forms, SMS, Facebook messages, etc. Which is your preferred way of communicating with your cleaning company? Are you following the latest trends?

When talking about communication, especially written ones, we need to talk another big trend not just in the cleaning industry, and that is social media. So, is social media a must-have nowadays? Well, even if it’s not a must-have, it’s certainly a good thing to have. Businesses can have bigger and better exposure to new and potential clients, and regular clients can keep in touch with everything new the cleaning company has to offer. Also, social media provides more ways to communicate in written form, and as we’ve seen, it’s a trend that is not going away anytime soon. There is a vast choice of different social media outlets, and it just depends where you feel most comfortable. A website is a must, but social media is a nice addition to it, and it seems like customers and clients have a positive response to it. How do you feel about social media in the cleaning industry? Do you like keeping up with newest trends and keeping up with your cleaning company this way?

So, there you go, we saw which some of the latest trends in the cleaning industry are, especially when it comes to communication between clients and professional cleaning companies. Some things still remain the same, such as communication in person or via phone. But, nowadays a lot of people are replacing this way of communicating with written ones, and this is one of the most obvious trends right now. Should you go ahead and keep up with these trends, it’s entirely up to you. Bear in mind, if you choose the right cleaning company for you and your business, trends or no trends, you will enjoy having a perfectly clean office, and that is the number one trend/necessity you will never get tired of!

Trends in the cleaning industry – what are they and do we need them?
Article Name
Trends in the cleaning industry – what are they and do we need them?
Let's see if there is anything you could add to your cleaning routine or anything you might want to discuss with your professional cleaning service.
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