Cleaning with the wrong solution

Cleaning with the wrong process 

Cleaning with untrained staff

First and foremost cleaning with an unacceptable solution can cause fiber damage and attract soil after the cleaning. Unacceptable solution here means high acidic, extremely high alkaline or vegetable oil base. These solutions not only do not clean carpet they may attract soil. Carpet Mills do not recommend these types of products.

Think about how you clean a favorite shirt. Do you dry clean or machine wash? What detergent is the safest and non-damaging to the shirt fabric?  Since the shirt needs cleaning/washing, the next step is to decide the right cleaning detergent to use.

A good way to know the best cleaning method for your shirt is to read the label on the back or side seam. Then simply, follow the directions.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning works best when you hire a professional cleaning service. Since carpet does not come with maintenance labels attached, you can research the recommended cleaning systems and methods on the carpet manufacturer’s website.

You will find that Carpet Cleaning solutions come in a vast array of sizes and mixtures. We like to use a green, friendly product that works well to remove soil and spots and is user safe for our technicians. Meaning, it’s safe to touch and won’t harm anyone if they smell it. Since our technicians work every day and night cleaning carpet, the safety of the solution we use is a high priority for Geyen Group South.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning processes can vary as much as the person doing the cleaning. A wrong process can leave permanent damage to a carpet. Which is why we believe strongly in certification for our technicians. We want everyone on the same page when it comes to what is the correct SOP for commercial carpet cleaning. Certification assures our customers that our technicians are trained in all aspects of commercial carpet cleaning. Our technicians appreciate the education and training that comes through the certification program.

Cleaning systems from floor machine, bonnet, dry clean, wet clean, shampoo, steam, extraction, light moisture, foam, restoration, truck mount, low moisture and a few systems in between are considered before the correct system is chosen for the upcoming carpet cleaning.

At the end of the day, cleaning with the right solution, process and certified staff guarantees the outcome achieved will be the best possible, and most importantly will meet our customer’s expectation!

The Three Primary Enemies of Carpet Cleaning
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The Three Primary Enemies of Carpet Cleaning
At the end of the day, cleaning with the right solution, process and certified staff guarantees the outcome achieved will be the best possible.
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