In our previous posts, we were dealing with various aspects of office interior, such as the necessity of having cubicles in your working area, playing with the idea of introducing aspects of minimalism in your office, and talking about some issues regarding office interior in general, as well as about some of the newest trends. It’s safe to say we’ve covered a lot of concerns and answered a lot of questions regarding this topic. But now, let’s go back to the roots, sort of speak, and discuss one of our main and most requested topics – professional office cleaning, or, to be even more detailed, professional carpet cleaning.

And, by the way, carpet cleaning is possibly one of our most favorite topics to discuss, if we can pick our favorites. Why, might you ask? Well, we at Geyen Group South are mostly known for our professional carpet cleaning. Of course, we offer other cleaning services, such as commercial upholstery cleaning and fabric panel cleaning, but carpet cleaning is where we’ve started. We do realize the need to have the entire cleaning process done by one company, thus we introduced other cleaning services, to make sure you end up with an office fully clean from top to bottom.

But, today, we’ll stay in the realm of professional office carpet cleaning. So, proper carpet care – are we ready for it?

First of all, let us start by saying not all carpets are the same and not all care is the same. Carpets come in so many sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. And each color and each fabric demands a certain type of care. This is the main reason we need different equipment and ways of cleaning the carpets. For example, there is the ‘maintenance’ carpet cleaning whose main goal is to prolong the appearance and the longevity of your office carpets. Then, there is the ‘restorative’ carpet cleaning meant for deep cleaning and pile lifting in order to restore older carpets. Besides these cleaning methods, there are others, such as dry and low moisture, which are, together with the restorative method, most frequently used ones.

Still, even when using professional carpet cleaners there are some issues that may arise with your office carpets. Bear in mind professional and experienced carpet cleaners will know how to tackle most of the problems your office carpets may have. Yet, there are things we as clients can do prior to professional cleaning in order to keep our carpets in the best condition possible. But also, there are some issues that are unavoidable due to carpets being in areas with high foot frequency. Some damage is bound to happen given the fact that there are so many people coming and going in and out of the office, in different weather conditions during the year, bringing in dust and dirt. Besides that, don’t forget people will from time to time eat and drink at the office, possibly leaving some crumbs and spills behind. And now, let’s see what some of the issues we’ve just talked about are.

One of the issues you may notice with your carpets over time is shedding and fluffing. Carpet shedding is a normal process that may occur with newer carpets. Shedding can happen when small balls of carpet are left over from the manufacturing process and they may appear on the floor or in the vacuum cleaner. If you notice this, don’t panic, there is a simple solution to this problem. Shedding is not a harmful process and can be easily fixed by gentle vacuuming. Within one to two months of regular vacuuming the appearance of fluff balls should disappear. So, this first one was actually quite an easy one, right?

The next issue which may appear is pile reversal. This is a common problem with carpets and it happens when a carpet is pressed down in different directions. This may cause a pile shift which may result in certain parts of the carpet looking lighter or darker than others. The solution? Unfortunately, as common as this problem is, there is no real solution and possibly no way of avoiding it. This is one of those things with office carpets that just gets accepted as a part of a carpet’s life cycle.

Ok, so this last one was a bit tricky. But, let’s not end today’s post with an unresolvable issue. Rather, let’s see if there are issues which all have the same solution – professional carpet cleaning. And, yes, there are many of them which can be resolved with the help of professional and experienced cleaning technicians.

For example, there is the issue of wicking. Wicking happens when a substance seeps through the carpet to the backing materials (like a spill, just to name one). Even if you clean it as soon as it happens, you will actually clean just the top of the carpet. But, in order to get rid of the stain completely, you will need to use methods such as localized hot water extraction followed by other methods to help clean it and to help keep it clean.

Similar professional cleaning methods can be used to resolve various issues, such as matting and crushing. These issues come with a normal amount of foot traffic in the office and aren’t easily avoidable. Luckily, there are professional cleaners to keep your carpets in the best condition.

And finally, let’s talk about draught marking and filtration soiling, which are also carpet problems solved with professional carpet cleaning. This is an issue that can appear in the form of darkening at the edges of an office, as well as near air vents and doorways. The cause? Regular airflow that is dropping airborne dirt on the carpets. Also, inadequate sealing at the edged of a carpet may cause filtration soiling. The solution? Professional carpet cleaning to make a detectable improvement in the appearance of your office carpet.

So, proper carpet care – are we ready for it? With the help of some of the advice given today and with the help of a professional carpet cleaning company, the answer is YES, loud and clear!

Proper carpet care - are we ready for it?
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Proper carpet care - are we ready for it?
Carpets come in so many sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. And each color and each fabric demands a certain type of care. This is the main reason we need different equipment and ways of cleaning the carpets.
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