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Office interior – keeping it minimal or not?

//Office interior – keeping it minimal or not?

Office interior – keeping it minimal or not?

In our last post, we were discussing office interiors and trying to see if there was some place for improvement in that area. Since the topic of office interior and design is quite an interesting one, this post will be a sort of continuation of that one. We saw that some of the things to take into consideration are functionality, lighting, color, etc. All these factors can impact greatly the overall look and feel of the office space, so they deserve a chunk of your time dedicated to them. This is where today’s topic comes in since it binds all these elements together. So, office interior – keeping it minimal or not?

Being minimalistic is more than just interior design, it’s a lifestyle. And it’s a lifestyle that can be implemented both at home and at the office. Here we’re not going to go into details in home minimalism, but we will try and see how you could incorporate a minimalistic way of thinking into your working space and if it is worth making an effort. These are merely suggestions, as we do not intend to say you must go 100% minimalist in the office, just maybe introduce some small changes, if there is need for some.

And, as we’ve already said in our first office interior post – a pretty office is a clean office. So, no matter which decorating style you go for, whether it is completely modern and minimalist or more retro and vintage oriented, an office space needs to be clean in order for it to look good. How to achieve that? The best way is to have a professional cleaning service. Professional and reputable with a lot of experience under their belts, that’s for sure. The way to go is to have a professional cleaning service which will provide all cleaning services, like commercial carpet cleaning, commercial furniture cleaning, and commercial fabric panel cleaning. By doing so, you will be covered and you won’t have to worry about the final result. For example, we at Geyen Group South offer all of those services and we will gladly come to your office, inspect the area and propose a cleaning plan and schedule that will suit you and your employees the best. It is always a good idea to come up with a schedule that won’t interfere with the daily activities at the office, as much as possible.

OK, now that we’ve seen that the number one thing for a nice looking office is to keep it clean and we went into details on how to achieve that, let’s chat a bit about minimalism in the office and how to incorporate it. We’ll see how the minimalism goes with several office elements, such as furniture and walls, decorations, but also overall color selection. These are all different levels where you could make some small changes and introduce a bit of that minimalist touch. Who knows, it might do wonders for your office!

Let’s start with some decor and see how to have a more minimalistic approach to decorating your office. Having a minimalistic touch doesn’t mean you should get rid of all the decorations you have in your office leaving you to work in a plain white room. It just means not to end up with an office full of meaningless stuff that is just occupying space. So, for example, instead of some typical decorations, go for plants of your choice, as it is proven greenery can and will improve mood and productivity in the office.

Keeping with the theme of neutral and fresh looking office, the next subject to discuss is the color scheme of your office. Again, an office doesn’t need to be painted all white in order for it to be considered minimalistic. Colors are important and can contribute greatly to the overall look of the office. Don’t shy away from some yellows and oranges if you like them, just make sure to have accents of neutral colors here and there around the office. Same goes for texture or course. Minimalism shouldn’t be boring, so don’t be afraid to play with some textures in order to give your space depth and interesting touches.

Another great thing about incorporating minimalistic ideas into your office is the fact that minimalism puts quality over quantity. If you choose to invest in a couple of higher quality items you’ll end up with them lasting you for a longer period of time, thus saving you money in the long run. Good quality carpets and office chairs will last and look better much longer and you won’t have to buy new ones as often as if you just went for lower quality ones.

Quality over quantity could be translated into another part of everyday office life – storage. Here we’re introducing two more terms – practicality and functionality. Being minimalist means little-to-no-clutter, so it is important to be as practical and as functional as possible. Storage furniture can be an excellent addition to an office space that is full of clean lines, clean and simple. And, in case you feel it lacks a more of a personal touch, you can add several statement pieces in your office and invest into a few antique pieces of furniture. This could end up being a great mixture of modern and new, but still in the lines of minimalistic approach to office interior.

So, here you go, a small insight into the world of office minimalism. Sure, this isn’t everything, but we might as well leave something for future posts digging into the topic of office interior and decor. As you’ve seen, office minimalism doesn’t have to be scary or boring; it can actually help you have a clean and well-organized office that has just the perfect amount of details and personal touches. Whether you want to dive in and introduce some minimalistic ideas, it’s entirely up to, as long as you don’t forget our mantra – a pretty office is a clean office.

Office interior – keeping it minimal or not?
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Office interior – keeping it minimal or not?
Being minimalistic is more than just interior design, it's a lifestyle. And it's a lifestyle that can be implemented both at home and at the office.
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