In our previous post, we were dealing with some of the most common issues and challenges regarding professional carpet cleaning while trying to provide some answers and possible solutions to each and every one of them. As we’ve seen, professional carpet cleaning is a must and will do wonders for your office space and your business in general. Carpets are an essential part of the office interior, and as such deserve all the love and care provided by professional and experienced cleaners. Clean carpets, whether new or a bit older, will be a great contribution to the overall look and feel of the office. But, are carpets the only part of the office in need of regular professional cleaning? The answer is, as you might have guessed it – no, they are not! That is why, in today’s blog post we will focus on another part of office furniture, as important and as equally used – office chairs. So, office chair cleaning – is it a necessity? Let’s dig deeper into this topic and see what the outcome of our little research will be. Office chair cleaning 101, here we go!

Let’s start by seeing just how important office chairs are in our daily office life. For starters, they are among the stuff we use almost every day, and we use them for long hours. Do not forget we spend approximately 40 hours per week in the office, so our office chairs do get their fair share of use. It is crucial to remember that keeping our office chairs clean will not only keep any dust or germs away but it will also increase the lifespan of an office chair. Sure, you can go ahead and purchase a new one every six months or so, but why would you go through the process of picking out a new one so often if your old one can last you much longer and be of great use for a longer period of time?

What are some of the things that might happen with your office chairs over time? Well, if they have any movable parts, and most of them nowadays do, joints may loosen, for example. Also, dust and moisture can accumulate on the metal parts which can potentially cause rust and degeneration of the joints. As we can see, it is quite important keeping your office chairs clean and free of any substances and they will last you longer than usual.

As we’ve established, we want our office chairs to be clean and last longer. How can we achieve that? The answer is quite easy – regular cleaning. Most reputable cleaning companies will offer a full cleaning service, which will also include office chair cleaning. For example, we at Geyen Group South incorporate office chair cleaning into our cleaning services, as we believe in the importance of cleaning the entire office since our preferred outcome is a healthy and clean working environment.

And office chair cleaning isn’t just about regular maintenance, even though that is quite important if you want to keep your chairs in good shape. A bad office chair can be the root cause for several health problems, such as back pain, stress, sprains, and other back and neck problems. A broken chair will do more harm than good, so make sure they are regularly maintained and cleaned.

Also, over time with sitting on the chairs, the seats could get smelly with sweat and moisture. Keep in mind that most office spaces are closed within walls and the ventilation may not always be the greatest. All of this can make the seats get bad and smelly from just simple regular usage. That is why regular office chair cleaning should be a must in your cleaning routine.

So, since we’ve seen just how important office chair cleaning is, let’s summarize and point out some of the main reasons behind regular cleaning and maintenance.

First and foremost, it is healthy. Keeping your office chairs clean is healthy, and that is an understatement. If you want to keep your working space clean and healthy, never forget the importance of regular office chair cleaning. Bear in mind that office chairs are probably the germ carriers which get ignored. They can spread germs, hairs, skin particles, etc. across the office. And, they are probably one of the most ignored parts of any office (or are they? Wait for our next post to see which other office part deserves the same amount of care!).

Keeping up with the health topic, dust is one of the components which can take a toll on the overall health conditions and can be very harmful to any office environment. Trust us, there is more dust of those chairs you may consider clean given the fact that dust is only visible when in a large amount. Office chairs are in constant contact with people sitting on them and that can make it very easy on dust particles to enter our respiratory system. Just imagine your office chairs as dust accumulators due to their design and material. Regular cleaning sure does seem important, right?

And finally, let us not forget the aesthetics of your office. Any office that is kept clean and healthy with clean carpets, chairs and upholstery that matches the style and decor of the space will look better and more professional not just to your clients, but to your employees as well. No matter how nice your office is decorated and how much time you’ve invested in it, a dirty office chair can actually make the whole look of the office feel shabby and unkempt.

So, to sum it all up, office chair cleaning – is it a necessity? It sure is! And is it hard to do? Not so much. Just make sure to have your office chairs regularly cleaned and maintained with the help of your cleaning company, and you will enjoy your clean, healthy, and beautiful office space for much longer. Your office chairs deserve that!

Office chair cleaning – is it a necessity?
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Office chair cleaning – is it a necessity?
So, office chair cleaning – is it a necessity? Let's dig deeper into this topic and see what the outcome of our little research will be. Office chair cleaning 101, here we go!
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