In our last post, we were talking about the change of seasons and the arrival of fall. We saw what is there to do to prepare the office for that time of the year. There were lots of tips and tricks that were, hopefully, somewhat helpful. But now, since we’re fully prepared for fall and we have our offices clean and ready for a new season, what is next? Well, given that we’re fully in October, it’s probably not so difficult to guess – it’s almost Halloween time! So, today it’s fall time in the office – Halloween edition.

When you first think of Halloween, you probably associate it with your children and family in general and the annual trick-or-treat festivities. However, for many people working in an office environment, Halloween is also time for work festivities, such as office Halloween party. Bear in mind, this kind of celebration may be an excellent thing for everybody in the office, as we will soon see.

So, why even think about celebrating Halloween in the office? Holidays such as Halloween may be a great opportunity to build morale and teamwork among colleagues. At the same time, it could help you spot a creative spark in some of your employees, as well as participative talents. If you include some sort of fun projects where people will have the opportunity to work on something fun, it will help you build teamwork. And some fun in the office will also boost the morale of everybody in the office for sure.

Especially if we’re talking about bigger companies with various departments; you have people working for the same company, but not having that many interactions between some of the departments. During Halloween preparations, employees from different departments will share common activities which will greatly improve communication and interdepartmental cooperation. By doing so, you will also find some hidden talents and skills in some of the employees, such as good leadership, creativity, and cooperation.

Now that we’ve seen how many good things can come from Halloween in the office, let’s start with preparations, shall we? It’s never too late to start organizing and preparing. Possibly the best thing to start from is to announce Halloween festivities in your office, via bulletin boards, e-mails, whichever communication tool suits your company the best. Then, decide on what would you like to have – a Halloween office party, maybe a costume contest, or some other games and contests, just beware of the company culture, the industry it is in and its location.

If you opt for a party, it usually works best during lunchtime. If your offices have a cafeteria or lunchroom that could be the perfect place. How the party will eventually look like will depend on the budget and the overall creativity, and the choices here are practically limitless. Just make sure everything is fireproof, get the decorations ready, along with some food and drinks and you’re all set. Having an office party will increase the time employees from different departments spend together and interact, and it will also provide a venue will you decide to have a costume contest.

Costume contest may be an excellent opportunity for some fun and humor in the office. Set up some ground rules as well as categories and prizes and enjoy the festivities. Award prizes for the most original costume, the scariest one, the funniest one, etc. You could even have a prize for the costume that mostly embodies the company’s spirit and ideas, why not?

But, before everything, the venue must be decorated and ready for the party. So, decorations. The employees may be divided into groups where each group could be in charge of decorating a part of the office to their liking. This will be another group activity where the people will get to know each other better while having fun organizing the office Halloween party.

You could also have other games and contests around the office. For example, if it’s appropriate for the company, you might consider pumpkin carving or apple bobbing as potential office Halloween activities. It could also be a good bonding opportunity, so why not go for it?

At this point you might ask us, but what about the cleaning? We’ve chatted so much about Halloween and Halloween planning and preparations, but where does the cleaning come in?

Even though cleaning isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Halloween in the office, it is still an essential part of all the preparations, before and after Halloween.

Let’s start with the before part. Before any festivities take place, even before decorations are put up, space should be clean and ready for it. And that is when professional cleaners come in. They will make sure to prepare the office, to clean it and leave it fully ready to host the festivities in the best way possible.

And after festivities, who better to take care of the office and to prepare it for your normal day-to-day business activities? Professional cleaners, of course. Some regular cleaning may take place just after the festivities are done, but make sure to have your cleaning company ready to step in and perform all those in-depth cleaning tasks, from floors and carpets to office chairs and cubicles, the entire office will look brand new and you will be ready to get back to business feeling even more motivated and energized than before.

We at Geyen Group South know what it takes to keep an office squeaky clean before and after any office parties or festivities and we will make sure to keep you in that festive mood. With experienced and professional office cleaners you will always be ready to throw amazing office parties and your employees will always feel at ease and fully motivated because you know that, no matter what happens, your office will be perfectly clean afterward and you will take on any business challenge that comes your way. Have a spooktacular office Halloween!

Fall time in the office - Halloween edition
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Fall time in the office - Halloween edition
We at Geyen Group South know what it takes to keep an office squeaky clean before and after any office parties or festivities and we will make sure to keep you in that festive mood.
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