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Comfortably Sitting | Upholstery | Tampa

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Comfortably Sitting | Upholstery | Tampa

Sometimes our lives are so hectic that we forget the things that we might consider to be insignificant or small when compared to other things. I believe upholstery is one of them. At this point, we really need to open our eyes.

Upholstery is not a word you think about often unless you work in an office or commercial building, and if that is the case then here are a couple of things you may want to consider. Office appearance IS important, whether it be the waiting room for customers or a sharing area of employees. Picking out the furniture is probably the hardest part of it all. You want something that really goes with the business, whether it be what size, type, or the kind of upholstery to get.

The second biggest thing to think about after you finally pick it all out and arrange it just so, is to make sure you maintain the upholstery. A couple of reasons why this should be a regular concern. One, the upholstery of the furniture sustains a longer lifespan. Two, there will be less germs and dirt around the office or building. Three, you will not have to go through the same ordeal of buying new furniture so quickly; in essence, you’re saving money long-term.

A scenario to think about in terms of clean upholstery in a waiting room. A customer will walk in and could think, “Wow, it’s really nice in here, I am glad I picked this place” or “what was I thinking coming here, I will try to reschedule and just not return”. I am pretty sure we all want the first scenario to happen. The first impression any customer makes about a place, when walking in, will be the appearance of the room.

Just like carpet, upholstery absorbs dirt and germs. May it be chairs, curtains, couches (of all sizes), tables, etc. Then you have to think about how upholstery can absorb oils from any individual body. Just writing that made me think twice about sitting somewhere, just as I am sure some others will think that too.

That is why it is essential to not only make sure your carpet is maintained, but also the upholstery on your furniture; no matter the surface of it. Hiring a professional to do the cleaning on your upholstery is recommended because they are experts in this field. They know what chemicals to use on any kind of surface you may have, so that the life of it will last longer without damaging it.


Of course, depending on how much traffic goes through those areas and how much usage they get, will dictate how many times you should get it cleaned. For the best estimate on that question, you should contact a professional appearance cleaning business.

Here at Geyen Group South, we do just that and more. We really care about your business and what you make of it. We want you to thrive, and in doing so we make your office or building appear spectacular for anyone’s viewing.

It never occurred to me just how important it is to maintain all of this in a building. Being an intern at this company has shown me that this is the kind of stuff you really want to think about because it plays a big role on your business succeeding. Not only does it make employees feel great when coming to work, but it makes the people coming from the outside feel at home on the inside.

The more comfortable someone is, the more they will come back.


Comfortably Sitting | Upholstery | Tampa
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Comfortably Sitting | Upholstery | Tampa
Upholstery is not a word you think about often unless you work in an office or commercial building, and if that is the case then here are a couple of things you may want to consider.
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