Aren’t questions fun? We decided to start today’s post with five most typical investigative questions, the ones they say each article should provide an answer to – what, where, why, when, who and how, or, in other words, the 5Ws (and we added the H, as the sixth one here). Don’t worry, we won’t be extremely analytical today, but we hope that, by the time you’re done reading this post, you will feel as if we’ve solved several little mysteries together. Answering these five simple questions will give you a great insight into professional upholstery cleaning, whether you’ve just decided you wanted to include it into your cleaning routine or you just want to get some more information and maybe switch some things up.

We do realize cleaning your office furniture may not always be a priority in your cleaning schedule. Somehow upholstery, together with fabric panels (found, for example, in cubicles) can be left aside and even forgotten for a while. The areas people tend to clean most in their office spaces are usually bathrooms, kitchens, and floors (including carpets). This is where you notice dirt first and what probably irritates you the most. Also, most of us look at the overall picture of an office space; what provides the best first impressions surely are bright and clean carpets and well-maintained bathrooms. But, in this article, we’d like to observe all the components that go into professional office cleaning, not just the most evident ones. That is what we want to discuss here today – how to incorporate all the cleaning details in order to achieve the best results.

So, what did we choose the 5Ws (or the 5W1H) model for our discussion today? First of all, these are the questions whose answers are what we consider to be basic when we want to gather some information or try to solve a problem. In our case, we want to try and provide you with as many facts as possible when it comes to cleaning your office upholstery. Second, we see this formula fit to get you the whole and complete story on our subject. And, fear not, as you may guess, none of these questions are simple “Yes” or “No” ones, they will “make” us elaborate more on each topic. Also, we’ve chosen our own order of our Ws and H, that goes like this – What, Where, Why, When, Who, How. Somehow it seemed as if this would be the proper order to tell the story. After this entire introduction the only right thing to do is to start answering these six questions, so let’s go!

The first question of the day is “What”, or in other words, “What is office upholstery?” We won’t get too much into details with this one because most of us here are probably familiar with the term. By office or commercial upholstery, we mean office furniture with different types of paddings, springs, webbing, and leather or fabric covers. The types of upholstery differ from one office space to another, depending mostly on the line of work. Different businesses need different types of furniture, but choosing office furniture also has to do with personal preferences. Just bear in mind that some materials require specific techniques that can take up more or less time to clean and not all materials have the same lifespan. But, we’ll talk about cleaning techniques and equipment later on in this post.

Our next question is “Where”, or in its expanded version “Where does the cleaning process take place?” You don’t have to worry here, there’s no need for you to move the furniture. The cleaning process takes place exactly where it should, in your office space, so no need for you to move or take your furniture somewhere else. A professional cleaning service will always come to your offices, inspect the current state of your furniture, come up with the cleaning plan and schedule and return to perform the task as you’ve previously negotiated.

The third question today is “Why”, as in “Why should you clean your office upholstery?” Office chairs are one of the most used office components, since most employees spend the majority of their time at work sitting; it is also most overlooked when it comes to regular cleaning. The sheer amount of everyday usage does take a toll on the furniture, and not only in its appearance. Especially in the case of shared office chairs, it represents a challenge to keep them clean and properly sanitized, not to mention shared spaces, such as conference rooms. These chairs get dirty easily and show signs of wearing off much faster. In addition, they are perfect “hosts” for germs, bacteria, dust, hair and skin particles etc. So, the main reason for regular and professional cleaning of your office chairs would be to have a healthy working environment. The other, also an important one, would be the overall appearance of your business and the impression it gives to potential clients. A clean and well-organized space will look fresh and welcoming which will be a great starting point for building relationships with your clients.

“When”, or “When is the right time to clean?” is the next thing we’re going to talk about today. So, as we’ve said earlier, sometimes it happens that we simply overlook the importance of cleaning our office upholstery. Now that we’ve talked more about how important it is to have your office chairs professionally cleaned the question that follows is when we should do it. Our best advice would be to have them cleaned on a regular basis – come up with the cleaning schedule based on recommendations of a professional cleaning service of your choice. Another thing we’d like to add here is to try and pair the cleaning of your office chairs with your regular carpet cleaning and maintenance in order to achieve the best results possible.

Ok, now we reached probably the biggest dilemma of them all – “Who?”, as in “Who to choose to do the job?” This is quite a huge deal because you’re choosing someone to do business with for a longer period of time, ideally. So, where to start? Our suggestion is to look for professional cleaning services in your area with a good reputation and lots of recommendations from their clients. It should be someone with years of experience under their belt, with experienced technicians who are able to assess the state of your office space and find the best cleaning methods for those particular areas. We do realize financial funds may sometimes be an issue, but trust us on this one – don’t go for the least expensive ones. It may look as if you’re setting aside smaller amounts, but in the long run, you will end up paying more – your office chairs will have a shorter lifespan and you will have to replace them more frequently than you would if they were properly maintained.

The final question of the day is “How”, or “How does the cleaning process look like?” Well, once you’ve chosen your professional cleaning service they will come and inspect the space. The next step is sit down and come up with the cleaning schedule. When it comes to schedules, we at Geyen Group South always do our best to offer you a timetable which will suit your company the best and we’ll try to avoid causing any inconveniences to your employees while they’re working. We will also suggest which cleaning methods work best for your business space and come with proper equipment which is handled by our experienced staff. The extraction system we use is quite powerful and will get rid of any stains, germs or bacteria found in chairs, armchairs, sofas, ottomans or any other type of office furniture.

So, there you go, hopefully, we managed to solve our little mystery today and give you not all, but most answers you might need when it comes to cleaning your office upholstery. Of course, bear in mind there are always some details we might’ve accidentally left behind or some dilemmas you still might have after reading this article. If that is the case, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have, we would be happy to answer and schedule a consultation. There are no cleaning mysteries left unsolved here! n

Cleaning Your Office Upholstery – What, Where, Why, When, Who and How?
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Cleaning Your Office Upholstery – What, Where, Why, When, Who and How?
Answering these five simple questions will give you a great insight into professional upholstery cleaning, whether you've just decided you wanted to include it into your cleaning routine or you just want to get some more information and maybe switch some things up.
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