Ok, I know what you might think right now, as the title does seem a bit excessive with the “dreaded” part, but bear with me, you’ll see my point if you go through this article. So, why start with “the dreaded dirt”? As we all know, unfortunately, dirt is all around us and it can be quite tricky trying to get rid of it. There are many ways and methods to do so, depending on the type of the dirt, where it is located etc. We will go through some of those later on in this post, but first, let’s check out some well-known and lesser-knows facts on dirt. Or, shall we say, let’s dig up some dirt on dirt!

There is probably more dirt in the soil than we could ever think of. And this is probably something we never think about, just how much dirt there is around us. Let’s see some facts now that surely most of us were unfamiliar with and discuss some of them.

For example, did you know that one tablespoon of soil has more organisms in it than there are people on earth? When you come to think about it, this piece of information is quite astonishing, don’t you agree? And, if that amount goes for a tablespoon, you cannot help but wonder how much of it is buried inside our carpets? Especially if we talk about office carpets and furniture in general. Depending on average foot frequency, a lot of dirt is being carried into offices on a daily basis, more in winter than summer months. Even with regular cleaning, it can get pretty difficult to get all that dreaded dirt out. That is why it is of utter importance to hire a professional cleaning service to perform this task for your office space. Experienced technicians will know how to estimate the condition of your carpets and find the right technique to clean them and make them look as good as new for a long period of time. Be sure to get a reputable carpet cleaning service and listen to their advice and recommendations, they will know best when it comes to your office carpets. The level of cleanliness may depend on the fabric and color of your carpets, and they will make sure to take all of that into account.

And still, it’s not just about your office carpets. What about office furniture and cubicles? As you can imagine, people often eat and drink at their desks, which can leave crumbles behind. That is just one reason more to get professionals to clean your office areas.

And, if we go further with our facts, did you know that there are five thousand different types of bacteria in one gram of soil? This piece of information sounds as astounding as our last one, don’t you agree? Then just imagine the number of bacteria in an average office space! Facts like these just prove how important it is to keep your working areas as clean as possible.

The things we’re talking about today aren’t said to provoke a sense of despair or fear. No, they certainly aren’t! They’re being presented to bring more awareness to the overall cleanliness of the space we spend so much time in on a weekly basis – on average forty hours per week. And don’t we all want to feel at ease and comfortable while working? Having your offices looking and being fresh and clean will certainly help, that is a fact.

Here we’re not just talking about looking clean, there is another element that isn’t visible, but is still a key player in the game of us versus the dreaded dirt – air quality. Air quality is one of the most important elements of clean offices. It can get worse if the dirt isn’t removed from flooring, leaving bacteria floating in the air. Poor air quality can affect the health of your employees, but there is a way to avoid that – regular professional cleaning. Be aware that your office carpets are a sort of an air filter, so clean carpets mean clean air which adds up to happy and healthy employees and happy and healthy customers.

This last sentence leads us to another important factor – the overall appearance of your business. The more clean and polished your office space looks the more inviting it is for your (potential) clients. It is a known fact people tend to feel more comfortable in a space that looks and is bright and well-maintained. So, keeping your office squeaky clean will also be a great boost for your business, so why not do it?

When you go through just some of the facts we’ve mentioned in this blog post, you can see that the word “dreaded” actually describes the dirt almost perfectly. And what we can learn from all of that? Dirt is for sure something we should fear, dread should we say. It can affect not only our work and the looks of our office, but it can affect our health. There are some particles of it not only in our flooring, but also in the air, and in the amount we couldn’t have dreamed about. And, it is being carried into the office each and every time someone steps foot into it.

Yes, presented like this it surely can look and seem dreadful. But that wasn’t the intent behind writing this article. The main point was that we should gather our facts and come out of it prepared for the battle – the battle of us against the dreaded dirt. And we can be victorious, fear not, we just need to take some carefully planned steps.

Once a professional cleaning service is hired and a cleaning schedule is arranged, there is nothing, not a single piece of dirt the dreaded dirt can dig up on us, we’re ahead of it every step of the way! So, yes, we dare know it all and we dare battle the dirt in the best and most efficient way possible – with experienced and equipped cleaning technicians on our side!

The Dreaded Dirt – Dare We Know It All?
Article Name
The Dreaded Dirt – Dare We Know It All?
There is probably more dirt in the soil than we could ever think of. And this is probably something we never think about, just how much dirt there is around us. Let's see some facts now that surely most of us were unfamiliar with and discuss some of them.
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