Last time we started the topic of common misconceptions regarding professional carpet care. As you might imagine, one blog post wasn’t enough to cover all the possible issues in carpet cleaning, especially when it come to office carpets. That is why we decided to make today’s post a continuation of the previous one. So, carpet care misconceptions part two, here we go!

In our last post, we touched upon several carpet care misconceptions, such as the right timing for cleaning your office carpets for the first time. The misconception was that you should wait for as long as possible, and we saw that this was purely a myth and that carpets need cleaning from the beginning. Prolonging it can only make things worse, so make sure you come up with the right cleaning schedule, following the advice from your cleaning company. Another thing we talked about was the idea that you should deep clean your office carpets at least once a year. This was another misconception and another one that should be solved by following the advice of your cleaning company. Bear in mind, your carpets need that detailed cleaning, so don’t hesitate in organizing it.

We also touched upon the subject of carpet shrinkage as a result of cleaning. Yet another myth we managed to bust – if cleaning is done by experienced professionals, it is a must in carpet cleaning. They will use the right technique and equipment depending on the carpet type and fabric, and in that case, there will no possibility of any shrinkage. And finally, another cleaning misconception we talked about was the myth that cleaning will completely eliminate dust mites in carpets and upholstery. Unfortunately, and this is one myth we didn’t want to bust, there is no way of getting rid of dust mites 100%. With proper carpet care you will be able to get rid of most of them, and with regular cleaning, you will reduce the amount, but there just isn’t a way to have dust mite-free carpets.

And these were just a few of the misconceptions regarding office carpet care. Now let’s see what else is there.

For now, we’ve talked about the cleaning process. The next misconception deals with the after part of the cleaning, with the drying process, to be more precise. The myth here is that it can take days for carpets and upholstery to dry. So, is this one true or not? Actually, this is a difficult one to give an easy answer. The one thing that is easy to say is that you will avoid any potential problems if you use professional carpet cleaning service. Most of the time, problems occur not because of the cleaning method used but because of the operator itself or the use of inadequate equipment. So, don’t hesitate to find a reputable and experienced cleaning service to avoid any potential problems.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s see how long it takes for carpets to dry. Of course, there are many factors that will affect the drying time, such as carpet type, cleaning method, pile thickness, airflow, ventilation as well as temperature and humidity of the day. Still, all in all, when you have professional carpet cleaners doing the job and using proper equipment, an average drying time should not take much longer than six to eight hours.

We at Geyen Group South are well aware that our clients run businesses and that they do not have much time to spare waiting for carpets to dry, so we will do our best to cut down the drying time as much as we can, while not jeopardizing the quality of the service we provide. We will create a time schedule which will suit you and your company the most and will do anything we can to not interfere with the daily activities in the office.

If you thought we were done with carpet cleaning misconceptions, you’re wrong, we’re just getting started. So, let’s continue with myth-busting, shall we?

Since we are on the subject of moisture and drying time, let’s talk a bit about another misconception – carpet cleaning will promote mold and mildew growth which can cause allergy problems. So, misconception or not? Of course, moist conditions certainly are good breeding ground for mold and mildew, we are all aware of it. Still, bear in mind it is the dirt and soil that will become trapped in carpets (if not cleaned on a regular basis) which will hold in the moisture. And this moisture can eventually give rise to mold and mildew in your office. So, the verdict? If you use professional carpet cleaners and if your office has proper ventilation and airflow mold and mildew will not be a problem for you.

Also, there are additional methods to use in order to avoid any moisture left after cleaning, such as using fans and heaters or using a dry carpet bonnet pad on a rotary scrubber after cleaning. Of course, these are all methods used by professionals who know if and when to use them. Again, another myth busted!

So, there you go, in this Carpet care misconceptions Part Two we talked again about misconceptions and myths surrounding office carpet cleaning. As you might have noticed, most of them have the same solution – professional carpet cleaning. This is always the best solution, trust us. When using reputable and experienced technicians you will avoid many of the potential problems we have mentioned here today, as well as in our previous posts. Not just that, you will save time and be more productive when having professionals cleaning your office in the most efficient way possible.

And, to conclude, have we exhausted the topic of carpet cleaning misconceptions? Unfortunately (or fortunately), not! There are still many more to discuss, so sit tight and wait for it, there is a Carpet care misconceptions Part Three coming really soon, a final part in our story about office carpet cleaning myths. The myth-busting continues!

Carpet care misconceptions Part Two
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Carpet care misconceptions Part Two
As you might imagine, one blog post wasn’t enough to cover all the possible issues in carpet cleaning, especially when it come to office carpets.
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