In our previous post, we’ve talked about summer holidays and what can be done cleaning wise in the office during those warm summer months. One of the biggest advantages for getting some proper cleaning done in the summer was the fact that a lot of employees leave for the holidays and the office is less crowded than usual. That gives us space and time to get some detailed cleaning done, and some general cleaning as well. If we use up that time of the year wisely, we can get a lot of work done. Since most businesses have their holidays planned ahead, they can make precise schedules with the professional cleaning company they are working with and make all the plans in advance.

So, we’ve got summer covered. Or, we will, at least, try to. But, what happens when the seasons change? We did what we could during the summer, but what is our next step when preparing for fall? Getting some cleaning done during the summer is a great thing because it leaves us with less work once it is over. In case we used that time wisely, it certainly made the change of season easier. Still, from summer to fall, what else can we do? And should fall cleaning matter?

As we all know, weather conditions begin to slowly change with the summer ending and the early fall approaching. Days are shorter, not so warm, and in general, we tend to breathe easier without the heat surrounding us. But, do we actually? Because with fall other issues arise, one of the biggest is allergies. That is why a detailed fall cleaning is so important. People prone to allergies are more likely to react to dust mites and harmful bacteria, especially in this time of year. Since the weather is slowly getting colder and drier, people tend to increase the heating which, in return, has an effect of regular ventilation. And, with the lack of it, the air is the office space is perfect for breeding microbes and different types of allergens. In order to prevent that, it is of utmost importance to keep track of the air quality in the office. Low-level air quality, as we’ve seen, can represent a huge health risk, so why not prevent it? The easiest way to do so is to make sure the filters in the air system are being regularly replaced. Another thing that can be of great help when fighting dust mites and other microbes is regular vacuuming. And the last, certainly not least important, is a deep professional carpet cleaning, also of a regular kind.

As you may notice, a word that is constantly being repeated is “regular”. And we know why we keep repeating it. A professional cleaning is a great thing, but a regular professional cleaning is a must if you want to keep your working area squeaky clean and health risk-free. What do we mean by regular? It may vary from one office element to another, but we would recommend having your office professionally and thoroughly cleaned several times a year. This, of course, doesn’t mean that should be the only cleaning. An office should be kept clean and well-maintained on a day-to-day basis with some light cleaning. If you’re unsure of what the perfect timing for the cleaning is, no need to worry. It’s not up to you to know everything, and that is why you should hire professionals to do the cleaning for you. Not only will they know which cleaning technique to use and which equipment to bring, they will also be able to assess the area and come up with a cleaning schedule. A good and well-balanced cleaning schedule can do wonders for your office. And, what is even more important, a good schedule won’t interrupt daily activities in your office. A professional and reputable cleaning company will make sure to find the perfect timing that won’t affect your work and that won’t stress out your employees. We at Geyen Group South do realize how important it is not to disturb your everyday activities at the office. That is why it is important for us to come and inspect the space, and then make a cleaning plan after consulting with our clients. If you have any other questions regarding schedules and cleaning time, don’t hesitate to contact us and set up a meeting.

Ok, now that we’ve dealt with the topic of what “regular” cleaning is, let’s go back to the topic of fall cleaning once more. As we’ve seen, it’s important to have a cleaning schedule and one of the things on that list should be fall cleaning. You should make sure you find the time for it, especially with winter slowly approaching. A good and detailed cleaning in the fall will prepare the office for winter months, especially when it comes to air quality, as we’ve discussed before. This type of cleaning should include all office elements – flooring, carpets, chairs, fabric panels and upholstery. If you’ve hired a cleaning company providing all these services then you’ve covered all the bases. And that is what we would always recommend – professionals with experience and expertise who can take care of the entire office, not just some parts of it. By doing so, coming up with a schedule will turn out to be a much easier task and you won’t miss neither fall nor spring cleaning. And, of course, let us not forget summer and winter. Each and every season and season change is a good opportunity for office cleaning. Whether it’s a complete cleaning or just touching up some particular details, take advantage of every season and enter fully prepared in the next one. A fresh and clean office with a high level of air quality will prove to be a good thing not just for the office and all the employees, but also for the potential and regular clients coming in and out of the office. So, let’s enter the fall prepared!

From Summer to Fall – An Office Cleaning Time Story
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From Summer to Fall – An Office Cleaning Time Story
Getting some cleaning done during the summer is a great thing because it leaves us with less work once it is over. But, what happens when the seasons change?
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