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When it comes to carpet appearance and carpet cleaning programs, managers of offices and company headquarters always consider these 5 things

  1. minimum interruption
  2. appearance
  3. warranty
  4. guarantee
  5. insurance

Let’s expand each item and give some detail about what they include.

Minimum interruption is all about personal space, and respecting the space of the office person. Since this is where someone spends 40-50 hours a week, it matters that the area is treated respectfully. As the Manager, you can reassure office staff that their personal items will be untouched by the carpet cleaning technicians.

Because this is commercial carpet cleaning, there is no need to move desks and file cabinets, the carpet cleaned is the soiled open spaces around the heavy office furniture.

Appearance comes to mind as a “walk by” decision. You know when appearance is off, spots and stains show and wear patterns in hallways stand out. Appearance is not top of mind when carpet is cleaned regularly because then the carpet maintains a clean and spot free appearance.

Warranties are a part of a carpet purchase with all carpet manufacturers. These companies are very specific in how carpet must be maintained on a consistent schedule to keep the warranty valid. Fibers are to be treated with the specific solution and method outlined in manufacturers warranty information. Cleaning especially is highlighted and discussed as it is the number one deciding factor in carpet wear. 

A reputable commercial service contractor will always guarantee their service and do a follow up call the day after the service to be sure the results are as you expected and answer any questions you might have. If there is a need for a return cleaning visit, (not often), the contractor will come back and redo the areas in question, no charge, no hassle.

Certificates of insurance tell you what insurance coverage the service provider is carrying. You might want to ask for a copy with the quote and go over the limits to be sure your office is covered.

Notice we didn’t talk about the cleaning methods and systems of hot water extraction, shampoo, low moisture, dry cleaning, restorative, truck mount, portable, light, heavy, medium, addressing spots and stains, wear patterns, chemicals and solutions.

You will want to cover these when you meet with your commercial carpet cleaning representative and do the initial walk through.

That’s the best time to be sure your carpet cleaning program fits the specific needs of your office facility.

Competitive pricing, in line with local industry norms will be outlined in the quote. Most quotes become the invoice, unless more carpet area is added or subtracted before the cleaning is done.

Choosing the right commercial carpet cleaning provider to work with you on your company’s carpet takes time and diligence. The above information can help you in choosing the cleaning service business to work with, you may want to get quotes from a few local service businesses and give yourself a choice in finding the right solution for your office carpet.

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