The title of today’s post says it all – are office chairs our office champions? And who did they win in the office championship ring battle? Who took the gold, the silver, and the bronze medals? And finally, are there even any losers in this game?

Let’s start by seeing who the main competitors, or players, are. And what is this game actually about. The game could be called The Battle of the Office Titans because all the players are essential to a functional office space. They all contribute to the overall look of the working area, and not just aesthetically. They sure do make an office look pretty and polished, but they also have a greater impact on the health of both people working there and people visiting. Low maintenance can affect the air quality in the space which could ultimately lead to various health issues, primarily concerning the employees spending an average of forty hours in their offices. Ok, so, what do we know so far? There are several key players in the game, and together they all enhance the look of the office but also affect the health.

So, who are they? The first team to enter the arena is team office carpets. They come in heavily geared up, and they are quite a diverse team. They come in all shapes and sizes, in all fabrics possible. They consider themselves the main competitors for the title and are quite confident in the win. But, should they be as confident as they are?

The next team to enter is the underdog of the competition, and it’s team fabric panels. Yes, office cubicles often get forgotten and left behind, but they still do matter. They are relevant and they do contribute a lot to the office, sometimes you just have to be reminded of it. So, even though they may not be your first pick, they are still in the running.

The final team to enter the arena is team office chairs. Same as with carpets, they are a team of all shapes, colors, and materials. There are the upholstered ones, the mesh ones or the leather ones. And again, same as with carpets, they are essential, because people do need a place to sit while working or visiting as clients, right? Yes, they are also quite confident and ready to fight for the gold.

So, let’s start with the competition. Three strong competitors in The Battle of the Office Titans, but who will come first and who will come last? Is there such a thing as the essential office element?

As far as the cleaning part of the competition, there are no winners and losers. Each and every part of the office needs a professional cleaning every couple of months. If one isn’t kept as nice as possible, it will make the others look bad, no matter how clean they may be. Since they all deserve the same treatment, the best thing you can do is hire a professional cleaning service that will clean the entire office. Reputable and well-experienced cleaning professionals should be able to provide all these different types of service, such as commercial carpet cleaning, fabric panel cleaning and commercial upholstery cleaning. We at Geyen Group South provide all of this and we do everything by making sure to meet the needs of our clients, like finding the right cleaning schedule and the right equipment and type of cleaning suitable for your office.

Since we’re on the subject of cleaning, let’s dig deeper into it and see how our office chairs should be cleaned. When it comes to upholstered chairs, the good thing is they are quite easy to maintain, even though they can collect a lot of dust. Cleaning method will depend on the type of soiling, but most times, a solid vacuuming will do the trick. In any case, make sure you get them professionally cleaned at least once a year. Same cleaning schedule goes for mesh chairs, in order to get all the dirt out. They are also a good choice for your office, because of their durability and comfort level. And finally, its majesty, the leather chair. You can get rid of the dust yourself by simply brushing it off. But, should there be any spillage or any other kind of accident; make sure to call the professionals to get the chair properly cleaned. The good thing about leather chairs is that they are relatively easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis, but in the case of any accident, as we’ve said, call your professional cleaning service. They will know what to do to keep your leather chairs looking as good as new.

Now that we’re done with the cleaning part, it’s time to pronounce the winners of our Battle of the Office Titans. So, are there winners and losers in this game? And are office chairs our office champions?

Well, first of all, we should point out that there are no real winners or real losers in this game. Each and every contestant is an essential part of an office, thus making it hard to choose. But, if we still just had to pick, perhaps office cubicles would find themselves at the back of the pack. And that’s only because they tend to get forgotten the most when thinking about cleaning the office, even though it shouldn’t be like that. It is our strong recommendation to make sure to include your office cubicles in your cleaning schedule. So, as you can see, even though we gave them a bronze medal, their bronze shines as bright as a gold one.

And, now, for the final showdown, it’s carpets vs. chairs. Who takes the crown? Who becomes the winner of the Battle of the Office Titans? The crowd is waiting and cheering in anticipation… The judges are summing up and adding up the results and… In a photo finish, we finally have the result… And it’s a tie, ladies and gentlemen, a tie! There just isn’t a way to determine who the office champion is, they are all equally important. Or, to put it in other words, everybody is an office champion. Our office cubicles are office champions, our office chairs are office champions and our office carpets are office champions.

This may not be a result everyone wished for, but, in fact, this is the best possible result we could get! Yes, the ultimate winner of the Battle of the Office Titans is – the office!

The entire office with all its elements takes home the crown. And the biggest prize? Regular and professional cleaning! There is no better prize for your working area than hiring the right people for the task of keeping your office squeaky clean. And, as we’ve said, the prize is already there and waiting in the form of a reputable and well-experienced technicians ready to come and inspect the space and offer you a cleaning schedule which will include the right equipment and cleaning techniques for your particular office. So, what are you waiting for? Your office is the ultimate winner of the Battle of the Office Titans and its prize is waiting, so just go and grab it, it’s time to celebrate!

Are Office Chairs Our Office Champions?
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Are Office Chairs Our Office Champions?
The title of today's post says it all – are office chairs our office champions? And who did they win in the office championship ring battle?
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