In our last blog post, we talked about office chair issues. We tried to see if there were any and, if there were, what some of the solutions are. Today we wanted to continue with the topic of occurring issues and to focus on another essential part of the office – carpets. We’ll try to see what some of the most common office carpet issues are, make a diagnosis and propose possible solutions.

Office carpets are one of the most important parts of the office. They have numerous roles. They need to be functional – they should adapt well to the space they’re in, they need to be comfortable, contribute to the noise reduction and look appealing. Also, carpets need to be durable, as you probably don’t want to deal with replacing them every year or so. As you can see, carpets have a lot to deal with and it seems as if we expect quite a lot from a single piece of fabric. But, as we’ve seen, carpets aren’t just a piece of fabric, they are so much more which is why we need to take care of them and treat them properly, especially since we ask so much from them in return.

Still, even with all the care, there are still some issues that can arise with our office carpets. Before we go into it, let us just take a moment to elaborate on something which is probably common knowledge by now, but worth mentioning nevertheless – choosing the right carpet for your office. We won’t get into too much detail here; we just wanted to remind you to invest some time into picking the right carpeting for your office. Think about the size, the color scheme, the fabric, the price, the manufacturer and pick the one that suits your office the best. After choosing and installment comes the care. Make sure you find reputable carpet cleaning professionals to clean your carpets on a regular basis and, in addition, vacuum them on a daily/weekly basis. Just keep in mind, cleaning with a regular vacuum cleaner is a must but it’s not enough. Carpets may still remain dirty after vacuuming because there are small dust particles that can be extracted only by using professional equipment. We at Geyen Group South offer different types of professional carpet cleaning depending on the carpet type and the amount of dirt. We have all the right equipment and we’ll make sure to come and inspect the state of your carpets before deciding on which equipment and cleaning technique to use.

Now that we’ve taken a moment to remind ourselves of some basic facts, let’s go on and see what our carpet diagnosis is.

We mentioned regular cleaning because lack of it can lead to stained and damaged carpets. If the carpets are left unattended for a longer period of time, stains may develop and they can be quite difficult to clean. Prolonged staining may even cause irreparable damage to your carpets and you may end up having to replace them. So, the solution? Regular and professional carpet cleaning.

Lack of proper cleaning will show other symptoms, such as the effects of food and drink spills. In most offices, employees will drink and/or eat something at their tables and they will sometimes drop something on the floor. If the carpets aren’t regularly maintained, food particles will start to decay and will start to smell bad. The solution to this problem? Again, just plain and simple regular and professional carpet cleaning, nothing more and nothing less.

When talking about eating and drinking at the office, we have to mention another issue that may arise – mold formation. If someone spills water or any other drink and it is left unclean mold and other fungi may appear. And the biggest problem with mold? Once it appears it will start growing and growing quickly. You will find it really hard to get rid of it particularly because of that. Once again, the only solution we can offer is regular and professional carpet cleaning.

Quick and rapid growth is a characteristic of another big office issue – dust mites. These microorganisms appear on dirty carpets and may cause several health issues, especially to people prone to allergies. Solution? You guessed it, regular and professional carpet cleaning.

Another issue, which may seem odd when talking about offices, is animal dander. You may ask now just how we can have particles of animal skin in our office carpets. Well, we can. They can find their way into your office from footfall and clothes of your employees and can be quite dangerous and cause some serious health problems. Should we say that the only solution to this problem is regular and professional carpet cleaning?

And now we’ve reached possibly the biggest issue that can come from carpets not being maintained properly – health problems. Dirty carpets are responsible for various health problems, such as allergies, different types of infections and serious respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. This can all lead to reduced productivity in the office. People will get sick and take more sick leaves. And those bad smells we talked about combined with poor work environment will make your employees feel bad and be in a bad mood which will, in return, make them less productive.

Who would ever say there is so much depending on our office carpets? As we’ve seen today, carpets make our office more elegant and beautiful. They provide comfort and are an essential part of the office. Issues with our carpets may come for many different reasons, but what is important is that we recognize the problem as soon as it arises and remediate the issue as soon as possible. By taking precautions and immediate reactions we will prevent any permanent damage from happening and we will prolong the lifespan of our office carpets. And, to repeat the solution to all our carpet issue once more – regular and professional carpet cleaning by reputable and well-experienced professionals. As a result, you will have perfectly clean carpets and happy and healthy work environment – the best result you could ever hope for.

Office carpet issues – diagnosis and solutions
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Office carpet issues – diagnosis and solutions
By taking precautions and immediate reactions we will prevent any permanent damage from happening and we will prolong the lifespan of our office carpets.
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