A lot of people don’t seem to be aware of what facility managers do, and the obligations and responsibilities that fall upon the shoulders of these facility managers.

Facility manager’s activities usually vary from company to company depending on the size and the type of employer.

There may be other activities covered inside the scope depending on the form of the organization that the facility manager may need to perform or supervise.

It is also vital to discuss that these services can be owned and managed by the organization. This shows that the business will have to attend to all aspect of the management of its facilities in order to carry out its day to day activities.

Alternatively, there are many organizations that rather than hiring their personal facility manager they outsource these obligations to facility management companies. These professional service provider organizations have skilled and qualified personnel who can manage the facilities of various kinds of organizations professionally.

Once an organization outsources the duty to an independent service company it can concentrate on the primary activities of the company while not having to worry about the non-core activities.

The service providers are then accountable to ensure that the office building or the organizational space is well prepared and the whole thing that is required for the company to perform properly is present and available always. It is the task of the expert service provider to make sure that the employees are supplied with appropriate and powerful operating environment.

Who is a facility supervisor?

A facility manager is a strategic planner who helps to organize the daily operations of a business, paying unique interest to the premises on which the business is located. This person oversees many different aspects of an organization’s operations from managing with vendors and contractors to arranging for protection and looking for new ways to lower costs. Being able to multitask is crucial for accomplishing success as a facility manager.

The job includes:


As a facility manager, you are deeply concerned about the daily management of maintenance employees on the premises. The facility manager organizes these employees into teams to meet the objectives of the business. You also may work to expand and enforce employee schedules and address any minor issues that rise up among employees. As a facility manager, you’re also responsible for complying with all local and country safety requirements for the building including employee education, facility inspections and security of the premises.


Maintenance is an all-encompassing category that consists of the building, premises and any equipment located on the property. It is one of the maximum critical priorities for the facility manager to ensure that every one of those regions is well maintained and kept in right working order. As facility manager you also are responsible for the cleanliness of the assets, making sure that any vending or catering that takes place on premises meets code requirements, and managing the space in the building in order to be used effectively.


Facility managers are in charge of negotiating contracts with clients and vendors who work on company property. These contracts can range from advertising and marketing to carpet cleaning, lawn care and catering. Before agreeing to offer services from a vendor, as a facility manager, you ask for bids for the service from special companies to make sure that your facility is receiving the maximum benefit for the cash that is being spent. Once a fee is agreed, you’re responsible for drafting and reviewing any important contracts in addition to preparing documentation or displays of the work being executed by business owners. Once work has started, you should ensure that the work is finished on time and in accordance with the contract agreement.

Operational Costs

Another big part of the facility manager’s job is to manage operational cost. You have to look for methods to reduce expenses while thoroughly maintaining the business premises. You must create a budget for all expenses from your department and work throughout the year to preserve costs on or below the budgeted amount, making adjustments on an emergency basis. As a manager, it is your obligation to ensure that the business is budgeting correctly and that every expenditure works towards creating more efficient work environment.

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A lot of people don’t seem to be aware of what facility managers do, and the obligations and responsibilities that fall upon the shoulders of these facility managers.
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