When thinking about regular office cleaning, somehow carpets and floors, in general, are usually the first office elements that come to our mind. And rightfully so, they are the most visible and can make or break the overall look of your working environment. They show off dirt easily, they affect the air quality in the office and can make an office space look rundown. So yes, carpets and floors are important when it comes to the way your office looks and feels to both your employees and (potential) clients. But, are they the only things that matter?

If we go back to the beginning of today’s post, you will see we said “somehow carpets and floors, in general, are usually the first office elements that come to our mind”. See how we used the word “usually”? Perhaps it would be even better if we replaced it with “up until now”. Those three words actually perfectly sum up one of the current trends in commercial cleaning. It’s not just and only about carpets and flooring, it’s also about chairs and fabric panels. And this is really great news for our sometimes forgotten parts of the office. Of course, it doesn’t mean we should give up on cleaning carpets, it only means that things are looking up for office chairs and fabric panels. So, hurray!

Fabric Panels are here to stay in new office plans.

Let’s chat some more about this trend, as it is quite interesting. This is one thing we noticed here at Geyen Group South, especially when it comes to one-time cleaning jobs, the most frequent ones we are getting called for and that are getting scheduled are focused on office chairs, upholstery and fabric panels (like those found in cubicles). But, why is it so, why this change?

Of course, as we’ve previously mentioned, this doesn’t affect your regular carpet cleaning, it just adds to it. What is going on is that business owners are realizing your working area can be even cleaner and more pristine looking if the entire space is properly and regularly cleaned by professionals. Only by including the entire working area in your cleaning schedule will you get the best possible results. Sure, clean and well-maintained carpets with bright colors do look nice, but wouldn’t they look even better in a squeaky clean environment? This will add additional costs and take a little toll on your cleaning budget, but when you take into consideration what the ending result will be and the positive impact it will have, there shouldn’t be any doubts about it. And, by doing so you will have the complete result which, in the long run, can turn out to be quite beneficiary. The financial side is there, too – you will spend less on cleaning than you would on replacing your office cubicles.

So, there you are, hopefully, we’ve managed to give you an answer to why you should invest in cleaning fabric panels in your office. The best thing would be to incorporate it into the current cleaning routine you have going on. A large number of experienced and reputable companies will offer this type of service. For example, we at Geyen Group South are specialized in following services – commercial carpet cleaning, fabric panel cleaning and commercial upholstery cleaning. We can include whichever type of professional cleaning you need in your office, and come up with a cleaning plan and schedule that suits your business the most. It can be a one-time cleaning or a regular one, depending on what you need at a particular moment. Just make sure to include the existing fabric panels in the cleaning plan as they need it, too.

But, why do fabric panels need cleaning and when? Let’s start with the why part and the visible reasons. First of all, most people tend to sometimes eat and drink at their desks which can leave spills and food crumbs behind. Also, since there are people moving around the office every day, depending on the foot frequency there can be small spots, almost invisible at first but they can grow larger and make the office look dirtier than it is. Also, foot scuffs on the lower edge of hallway fabric panels don’t add up to the beauty of the office space and should be cleaned on a regular basis.

The last two reasons we’re going to discuss here are different, yet connected at the same time, and they are dust and air quality. Dust isn’t the most visible at all times, but can still affect greatly the quality of air. Dust is easily collected in the fabric, so it is important to get all the fabrics properly cleaned. And finally, the air quality. Last, but certainly not least important. Keeping air quality at a high level is essential for a healthy office environment. Lower quality of air in the office can be a cause for different health issues, especially with people spending an average of 40 hours per week in their offices.

Given all these factors, it is clear how important it is to have the entire office professionally cleaned. Professional cleaners will make sure to get rid of any spots and stains, whether they are found in carpets or fabrics. Keep in mind the cleaning should be performed by experienced and trained professionals, and not the general cleaning staff, in order to ensure the best possible results.

So, at the end of this post, the last thing left for us to do is to see if we managed to answer today’s question – are things looking up for fabric panels? And the answer seems to be a firm yes. Yes, they are. The proof lies in the ever growing demand for the cleaning of the office chairs and/or fabric panels. Things are looking up, trends are changing and evolving, so make sure you hop on this one and schedule a consultation so we can find the perfect solution for your fabric panels, chairs, and office carpets. No time is better than now!

Fabric Panels – Are Things Looking Up For Them?
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Fabric Panels – Are Things Looking Up For Them?
It’s not just and only about carpets and flooring, it’s also about chairs and fabric panels. And this is really great news for our sometimes forgotten parts of the office.
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